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As I don't see one yet I figured I'd volunteer to do this job - hope this is ok.

This is the MASTER LIST for the normal skirmishes for 50/90 2017. It does NOT include the Super Skirmishes, which have their own Master List here:

Anyone can run a Skirmish, anytime Smile Just post it up on the Forum under Song Skirmishes, then let me know so I can add it to this list and folks can see that it is going to happen Smile

Each skirmish will have an upper case letter (initial for the month) a number (the date) and a lower case letter. For example: #skirmishJ5a or #skirmishS9c.
*** The date will switch during the BST timezone (UK international dateline etc) - so when it's 12.01am in the UK, then the skirmish dates change (eg from the 15th to the 16th), no matter what country the skirmish host lives in.***

The first capital letter is the first letter of the month the skirmish is held (either J, A, S or O).
The number in the middle is the date.
The second lower case letter indicates the sequence of skirmishes on the same day. For example if there are 2 skirmishes on July 6th, they would be represented as J6a and J6b respectively.

So, the tags would be #skirmish #skirmishJ5a and #theme/title/prompt (whatever is chosen)

NOTIFYING of NEW Skirmishes to ADD TO this LIST
Please let me know if you arrange a new skirmish so that I add it to the Skirmish Master List below. Please all use the same labeling system for naming and tagging.

(date, number, host, theme)

July 4 J4a @Scubed Beginning
July 5 J5a @Amanda West Sunset and/or Sunrise
July 8 J8a @Amanda West Fairies
July 9 J9a @corinne54 The Sea
July 10 J10a @Powerstars Computers/Technology
July 15 J15a @marvsmooth Waiting In Line
July 16 J16a @corinne54 Curtain
July 19 J19a @Amanda West Foul Play
July 22 BST Super Skirmish
July 23 J23a @corinne54 Strange or Stranger
July 26 J26a @Amanda West Abba !
July 30 J30a @corinne54 Blue/blues
July 29 J29a @Amanda West Wake up and smell the roses

Aug 2 A2a @Amanda West TBA
Aug 6 BST Super Skirmish
Aug 7 A7a @Donna Devine (Full Moon Skirmish) TBA
Aug 13 A13a @corinne54 TBA
Aug 19 BST Super Skirmish
Aug 20 A20a @corinne54
Aug 21 A21a @Donna Devine (Dark Moon Skirmish) TBA
Aug 27 A27a @corinne54 TBA

Sept 3 BST Super Skirmish
Sept 10 S10a @corinne54 TBA
Sept 16 BST Super Skirmish
Sept 17 S17a @corinne54 TBA
Sept 24 S24a @corinne54 TBA
Sept 30/Oct 1 BST MEGA Super Skirmish all weekend to celebrate the end of 50/90 2017