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My 4 year old just sat on and broke the headphones I had been using for recording. They weren't great nor were they expensive but... *sigh*. (I have earbuds I can go back to using, so not the end of me!)

Oh, I feel sorry for this dilemma! Sad I:m keeping my good old Sennheiser like a treasure!

my old Sony over-the-ear phones are wearing out...foam showing all over the place...little pieces of fake leather come off on my ears and neck...but I love them and will use them forever! Sorry you lost your headphones to the 4-year-old!

I bought a couple of pair on sale...I REALLY love my Sony MDR-7506

@johnstaples, you can prabably get new foam ear covers. No shedding. I ordered some for my Sonys, they're much better now


@johnstaples - Same problem! For two nights in a row, my wife was picking bits of rubber from my ears and hair, and at first we had no idea what it was. Then I saw the same bits around the computer where I record. Right now I'm wearing the nice headphones that my teenage daughter usually tries to get to first. The ones that are flaking are still good, though.
My daughter and I share computer space - she's really good about avoiding my music stuff, but we do have a duct-taped microphone that we have both knocked off the desk many times.

Ouch! I feel for your loss! Sad
I'm so attached to my ancient Beyers that I would prolly do more than sigh if anything happened to them. Wink

paint some tool dip over the flaking faux lether....that should fix it. Wink

Pop/cut out the speakers/cones, tape/clip them into cheap, old/new pair of hard-plastic hearing protection, earmuffs. Same for old ear buds, repurposed. It will be more like isolation HPs; not a bad thing for mixing. Drummers usually know about this, well, acoustic ones, playing in a concrete basement who can still hear, do.

Ah bummer bro Beee that sucks! ustaknow had a great idea though, I'd definitely go with that!

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@standup - where did you order the headphone covers from? I have an old pair of Sonys that I have been using forever as well.