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Had food poisoning which led to other health complications while at the tail end of scheduled vacation. Ended up hospitalized briefly for dehydration and to try to get my body back in order a little.

I'm now home from vacation, and looking forward to being as musical as I can but I know my energy levels are only at about 60-70% of normal right now. I will do what I can to get various commitments done but I can't guarantee how quickly I'll get stuff done.

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Ouch, that does not sound exactly recreational. Take your time and get well!

Getting ill always stinks, but getting sick while traveling or away from home can be especially difficult and stressful. I'm glad you made it back home safely and can now recuperate in comfort.

Yikes man, i'm so sorry. I hope you feel better soon and take it easy on yourself for now Smile

Take care of yourself my friend. Take your time, no need to rush.

Oh being sick away is horrible! At least your own bed gives some comfort. Just take your time!

All sympathies. I’m home myself, but am guaranteed a slow recovery. Hope you’ll be up and at ‘em soon.

Oh no, that's a sad end to a holiday, hope you are starting to feel better, don't rush things.

Gah! Feel better sooon!

feel better! i've had my own strange health complications this last month or two.. and i'm 'back but not back all the way' as well....
we'll have to compare Canadian stories at some point tho! (was able to make it to vacation in Nova Scotia last week!)

Glad you're doing better!