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It's that time again...
I am very sorry for not answering to your friendly comments because I was too busy doing my own stuff!
Now I go on a one-week vacancy and in the last third of 50/90 I try to be more communicative. Listen to and commenting more songs, doing a collaboration maybe. But I cannot promise this! It's more a wishful thinking! Smile

See you again soon!

@reklov It's very thoughtful of you to apologize. But we all are in the same situation. We have to decided how to find the balance between writing songs and comments.

It's a choice between expressing yourself and building a community. We need both. If everybody would try to win at the expence of commenting and collabing then there wouldn't be any community. If everyone would just comment there wouldn't be any songs to comment.

But returning comments is also just common courtesy. I try to reply everybody and do all of it during Challenge. This year I haven't been able to reply as fast as I would have like to : in a day or two. I get inspiration when people return my comments quickly so I'm just assuming it works the same the other way too.

So I am also sorry for not returning comments. Willkommen im Klub, @reklov. Smile

Thanks for the reminder to return any missed friendly comments Smile

Yeah, I'm there, too. I really, really appreciate all the wonderful comments but am having a difficult time finding the time to reciprocate.

i finally returned comments over the last couple of weeks. i had to take a break, but since i finally got two days off in a week after weeks of working 6 days a week, i made the time and caught up both returning comments and catching up to my preferred 2 to 1 comments given-to-received ratio. still have a couple to return that happened while i was commenting. creeping up to 400 comments, just by giving 2 to every 1 i receive. i may not get a huge number of comments on each song, being lyrics, but they certainly add up! thanks!


This makes so much sense now. I always wondered why I always feel like I'm in comment debt to you! Probably because I usually am. FWIW, I have appreciated every comment you've made on my stuff. You've helped make this a great experience for me. Thanks!