September is here - what's your motivation?

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A few times I've written a September-themed song, and I think I may try one again, and that got me thinking ...
Do you have something motivating you to keep plugging away through October 1?
This is a long-haul challenge, and this weekend I kind of felt it - like I just didn't have much to keep me going. Sure, I'll hit 50 because I'm so close, and I'll keep commenting, but I felt like I'd lose my verve. And some intense but interesting work and family developments are coming up, too.
I'm thinking more lately about cataloging the 800 or so songs I have - maybe putting out different themed albums on Bandcamp - than about writing new ones.
I still have an instrument I haven't played yet this 50/90 (a tin whistle), and a person I'd like to collab with, and a couple ideas for instrumentals, and that September song, and that will see me through to 50 and beyond. But my elaborate idea of writing an instrumental album in September, well, that's not going to happen.
So are you still pumped here in September? Just slogging to the finish line? Or somewhere in between?

Still pumped and still plan to crank the words out. Hoping for more collabs in the last 30 days just to get more of my words to music. Challenging myself to sing on something - and have that in the works already. I am excited that I have developed the habits of writing daily and finishing songs instead of writing a line or two and having a ton of crap laying around. I do not plan to stop writing the same quantity/quality after this ends. Looking forward to hearing more great songs from such talented folks too. Definitely have plans to listen to a lot more on here too.

MUST. HIT. 100.

Right now my motivation is that there are still songs coming and there are wonderful new friends I've made -- like [@dsweidel] -- who inspire me to keep making music.

I'm blushing @metalfoot - thanks

I'm with @metalfoot I'm gonna try to hit 100 songs with demos during 50/90 for the first time.

My motivation is always the same: make something; surprise myself; have fun; repeat as needed and as time allows. I guess I also want to make connections and support other people as they follow their own creative path, so I'll be listening to lots of songs this month. I'm running a bit behind in that regard, but I figure that anyone who cares about this place should listen to at least 300 songs in three months. That strikes me as a pretty modest goal, really

I want to at least make it to 20. This is the lowest number of songs I've written for a 5090, so I want to at least get to that number!

I'd be happy to hit ten. I have so many incomplete lyrics hanging around...

@fresh spotless youth - Totally agree with you on achieving 300 comments given. Averages out to a little more than 3 per day. To me, that's about as important as writing 50 new songs.

I'm learning Mandarin (again), and fasting complaining for 21 days. My goal this year was write happier, more positive songs. I found that I was still whining a lot, so I threw out a bunch of whiny demos, but haven't written or demoed the happier songs, yet. I'm happy when I'm busy doing things I love. When I'm not happy, I write.

I think this might represent a new all-time low for my motivation. I can't seem to find energy or inspiration to write anything, or finish off the songs I wrote pre-50/90, or really even touch an instrument. My listening has dropped off too. But...uh... at least I'm still here I guess?

For me, as always, my "WatchList" is what keeps me engaged.

At this point, and it could change at anytime, but at this point it has evolved into a mutually useful source.

So for example, I had a "delete/keep"? song... for which I was way to close to the then made cryptic lyrics that showed clearly a sub-text of what the song was about. I was enabled to see it as others do, -- away from "me".

Very valuable, -- why quite now? Crazy

Still need to get another couple of tracks written to have enough to call an album, so that will keep me battling my writing block for another month. Motivation to visit the site through September is much easier, lots of interesting, freshly-minted songs to listen to.

What is my motivation?
Discovering new songs and lyrics,
Go for a Collaboraion
Pushing the limits
Finding new ways for expression
Another possibility for a collaboration
This is what motivates me
Monday to Sunday
July till September
I'm delighted to be a 50/90 member

I had no intention of going for 50 this year. I wanted to finish recording a CD instead. Then I was writing music that I really liked and so now I only have 12 left to go, so I have to finish. Next year though I will not aim for 50 and instead DO something with all this stuff!

Good one, @musicsongwriter! Setting that to music? You should!
I am motivated to do 50 solo demos, in addition to a few collabs. I had a nice burst of creativity this morning.


Thank you Chip, didn't think of it but might do since you're suggesting Smile

Still having an idea now and then, so I'm still in. I've got enough songs posted that I'll be happy no matter where I end up, and I'm still trying to develop new ideas as they drop in my lap. And planning to clear 300 comments pretty soon, then keep going.

I think I've always preferred autumn to summer for writing, and that's certainly played out this year. I'm just picking up momentum now. Goals are to develop some fragments I've had in my notebooks this summer, delve more into lyrics, explore some new musical ideas, and do more collaborating during the month.

in most (but not all) past 5090's, I was able to hit 50 songs or something near to that- this time, for a number of reasons, I'm only at about 24 now, with probably only a few at best to come... but my motivation will be, in part, to do what I've done the last few years with each 'songwriting project (ie each fawm and 50/90, mostly) and figure out the 'best' 12 or 13 or 14 songs, spend a little time polishing them up, etc.. and assembling an album which I'll put on bandcamp. As the seasons and years roll by, I get less and less outside interest in these things, I think, but I still like doing them as a 'time capsule' , a self-challenge, and I guess the real-but-ever-slimmer hope that some people, somewhere will appreciate it, too..

so 'september songwriting' sometimes becomes 'aha, what is this possible album missing? (other then 'better songs! ha) ie- should I do a faster, catchier song, or some long story-song, or something else that isn't on that short list of 'candidates for the album' yet? its a good way to keep getting motivation to write (of course ,more comments help too! Smile )

good luck everyone!

I burnt out a few weeks ago now... First I stopped making new songs, then I stopped coming to the site altogether a week ago. Burnt out on listening, too, unfortunately... Not sure if I have any more in me for 50/90, but I'm sitting at 21 songs, so it's definitely a win in my book. And I did better than during FAWM. For 50/90, I hit 15 or 16 songs in 28 days. For FAWM, I hit I think 8 songs total, and also burnt out by about halfway through. So all in all, I'm getting better at this. Biggrin

But yeah. I don't have a motivation right now. Other than to simply enjoy myself, whether that means just jamming in my bedroom or actually making a song. Smile

My motivation now is to just hit my 50 songs. I think I peaked a little too early and had to take a break but now I'm back into it again putting up songs 43 and 44. I can see the finish line up ahead... Just Smile

I always find September easier than August. August is too hot, and being surrounded by a bunch of electrical equipment in a small bedroom with the windows shut gets uncomfortable fast. In September, autumn begins to kick in (always my favourite time of year) and the temperatures drop. Also, September is when people start trying out the weirder ideas, and the underlying creativity that exists here really begins to shine. Sure, there aren't that many people around by now, but those that have stayed the distance are part of something really special.

September is also the month where I usually finally pull ahead of schedule. I've got 46 tracks down so far, and I'll work on #47 before I call it a night.

Stick with it, folks. Keep creating!