Science Fiction Story wanted for a Space-Epic!

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I've begun to do a four part suite about people who are lost in a colony on a moon of Uranus. The first part with the lyrics is done:

For the following two (more rocking) songs I could imagine describing a mysterious "company" and its deceptive practices which results in some dramatic events. The last part should be a ballad-like catharsis called "We will be saved". All may be very open ending and vague.
I want to do the remaining parts next week, but still don't have a really thrilling story for this!

Is there some creative lyricist who has a nice idea to share?

You could always "borrow" from the unifying Pixar theory. The part about the Buy-N Large Corporation might supply you with some ideas.

OK quick story synopsis:

Evil company are supposed to be Helium 3 mining from the atmosphere of Uranus for fusion, but only 25% of the fleet are actually outfitted fully - rest are for show. Funds diverted to mining operation on Titania (yes, I listened to part one!) which is leeching chemicals and heavy metals into the colony air and water supplies. Incorruptible and determined citizen spots an anomaly in the company's figures, discovers the mining operation and it's link to the colony problems and galvanizes the rest of the colonists to run evil company out of 'town'.

Given the Shakespeare link, you could try drawing on aspects of A Midsummer Night's Dream, too.

For me, if I'm looking for inspiration for this sort of thing then TV Tropes ( ) is the go-to site. It's a combination of gold mine and rabbit hole; it's very easy to spend hours clicking links. Great fun, highly recommended.