Saturday Skirmish August 3rd (3pm EDT, Noon PDT 8pm BST)

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Skirmish tag: #s030819a

Host: @Amanda West

When: Saturday, August 3rd 3pm EDT, Noon PDT, 8pm BST (link is external) (link is external)


TAGS: s030819a, skirmish, skirmish, songskirmish, feast, rescue

WHAT: We'll have a 1 hour song skirmish, and it will go something like this:

1) At the start of the event, I'll announce a title/prompt/theme/concept/ for your inspiration.
2) All participants write, record, and post a song within an hour. Lyrics-only posts and instrumentals are absolutely fine. And if you take longer than an hour, PLEASE post anyway.
3) Be sure and tag your song, and also post a link to it in this thread down below.
4) If you participate, please listen to (or read) and comment on the songs of all the other skirmish participants. Share the 50-90 love, folks.
Fun and embarrassment may ensue, but, most importantly, everyone will have one more song, lyric, or instrumental under their belt!

Peace and love

Seeya then! Thanks.

think i'll participate, too; these are good practice for me

Theme is RESCUE

Sorry its 3 mins early, but I'm on road delivering rescued injured cat xx

Good luck with your cat Amanda. Here is my little attempt at your skirmish title:

Woke up just in time to have a few minutes at this!

I just got a sniff of this and I will give myself an hour - I'll be sure to comment after Lol

It came pretty quick, but it took time recording:

I wrote the song in just a few minutes during the actual skirmish time, and then my daughter took the ukulele til now!

Thanks, @Amanda West, for hosting!

As an update, it wasn't my own cat, but a feral cat that someone had rescued and taken to the neaarby vet in the city. She was rather pregnant, but was lame on her front right leg. The leg was cancerous, and it had eaten into the bone badly it had been left so long. So it had to be amputated in a major op. In order to do this they had to first remove the kittens (who didn't survive as way way too young), and then spay the cat, and then remove her leg completely. My job was to collect her from the verts 24 hours later, and drive her to the cat sanctuary where she will be nursed and live out her life (if not adopted).

What a story, @Amanda West! Good on you for saving her.

Here's mine:
The curse of Australianness, I always miss the skirmishes at their actual time.

Amazing story Amanda. Hope to hear it in a song. Thank you for your inspiring theme.

Apologies everyone, but due to workload I am only just getting around to listening to everybodies songs now Smile Almost caught up !