Saturday Skirmish 3pm EST, Noon PST, 8pm BST * EVERY SATURDAY for 50/90

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A 1 hour skirmish at 3pm EST (Noon PST, 8pm BST) for the duration of 50/90.

First one on July 8th.

I will post a separate post for each one. This is purely a notice of intention Smile

Love and peace and stuff,
Amanda <3

ps My name is Amanda and I am a Skirmish addict

I like the idea of a standing skirmish appointment very much! I will def do some of these Skirmish Saturdays!!!


Great time for me as well! In case you can't do the Skirmish on any of the Saturdays, give me a shout, I'll try to step in for you Smile

That's great guys Smile and that could well be useful tootoobee Smile

I'm in!

I need to stand for more skirmishes Smile

Whoa... 5am on a Sunday morning. That's keepin' it real.

Looking forward to it