rut oh did I miss the start?

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It's still the 3rd here... but I see I can upload songs now? *scratches head*

Yeah, 50/90 has a single start/end time for the whole world.

For me it’s the evening of July 3, so I’m starting when I get up on the 4th. It’s my preference...

The site has been unlocked for posting for about 3 hours. And right now, the home page says 50/90 "ends in 90 days 21 hours 45 minutes." 91 days of opportunity! So if you really want to stick to a 90 day challenge, you play within your own time zone from 7/4 through 10/1. But nothing stops you from having a 91 day extravanza!

@Hummingbird, I share your confusion! Biggrin Maybe one of these years I'll get the start time straight....but I doubt it.

50 and 1/90th songs in 91 days! Biggrin

I better write somethin then *looks puzzled but happy to be prompted to write something*

Yeah it always sneaks up on me too! I was like, "Whuuuuuuttt? I gotta start NOWWWW??" Fortunately I was able to squeak out a quick 3 and now it's time for a nap Biggrin

Me too. Very surprised. Has this been changed last year while I was on my leave? Well, never mind. Challenge is more like a marathon than a sprint like Fawm. You start easy, get a nice gallog going and then keep it constant for three months. Giddy up a ding dong!