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I really tried to challenge myself this summer and so I truly appreciate all the supportive comments and such I have received from you fine folks.
Thank you and I'll see you all in February!

This has been one of the finest Rocktober's I can remember. I am still listening both here and at 50/90. Thank you for all the kind comments!

I just read your article @BillWhite51. Brilliantly said. Certainly something to ponder.

thanks @sbs2018 for reading my article and for all your listening and commenting this season.. i enjoyed you work so much and value the exchanges we had throughout 50 90. Looking forward to hearing where you are at musically come february.

Hello @billwhite51 and @sbs2018 I just read the article and think it is great. Bill, I'm forever anchored "Stairway To Heaven" and "Hotel California" to the agony of seeing my mother go through hospice. Do you know what I mean? Those songs automatically take me back to a place I don't want to be. I like the songs too and it's just the way it is. Same old song...different meaning since you've been gone. There are a lot of interesting things that you wrote about. How about the picture of the smoking woman being banned from public view and a fine be given out for being offensive? Maybe a statue of somebody that others don't like. Great job on that article...not to be confused with my rambling here.

I'll try to listen more Rocktober songs.

Hi Jerry. It has been a pleasure listening to your songs Thank you for all your comments and for reading my covers articlle. yeah, nostalgia hurts. but mining the past for the poetry that has brushed against it can be fruitful. and remaining to true to thise people and things we love keeps us whole even when we swwm to have shattered.