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Maybe "Come and Get It" and "All Things Must Pass"?

Things were very messy between the Get Back sessions and the Abbey Road ones, but "The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions" uses 1st July '69 as the cutoff as there was nothing recorded in the Abbey Road logs for June - even though some Beatles actively used the studios.

Excluding anything that ended up on "Let it Be" that gives us:

"The Ballad of John and Yoko"
"Old Brown Shoe"
technically both of the above were part of the Get Back sessions, but that single preceded Abbey Road

"Come and Get It" (given to Badfinger)
"What's the New Mary Jane" - originally White Album sessions but John Lennon reworked it as a potential Plastic Ono Band track

And that's pretty much it. A lot of the songs that I expected to list here that later turned up on solo albums were actually part of the Get Back sessions and Abbey Road was unusually focussed with very few extra tracks recorded.

I can't remember whether Rocktober has tackled "Let it Be", but if not some time in the future "Let it Be"/"Get Back" would provide a lot of songs to try.

Ok, I've added the new tunes to the first post.
I'm gonna do "What's The New Mary Jane?".
I love that track.
So weird.

May I do Bathroom Window? That was one of the first songs I ever did with a band. Smile

Several years ago. (Somebody help me here.) We did Let It Be as a 50/90 challenge. Everyone used the Beatles song titles, but wrote different music and lyrics.

put me down for 'here comes the sun'

I've been sitting here watching football and working on a wild medley/mash-up of "Wrong Em Boyo" (from The Clash London Calling) and "Polythene Pam" from Abbey Road.

Please put me down for "Golden Slumbers"

@corinne54 - And which Abbey Road track do you want to cover when you wake up? Smile

In the eve of the dawning matriarchate I also suggest an alternative "songs with women's names" - I will be definitely doing some of them.
Here are some humble suggestions from the internet:

I’m not going to be able to officially do Rocktober after all. Will be in the middle of a move, so I’d rather hang loose.That opens up “Oh Darling” for somebody else.

I'm trying to turn my fascination with toy instruments into a full blown phase. I already do a uke version of Ocotopus' Garden on uke. Put me down for it. I want to try a toy piano instrumental version.

I might have a stab at "Something", all being well.

I would wipe this out...can't do it...but a fun video.

Eddie Money ahs died.