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So... I'll do whatever song isn't taken... It's looking like oh darling and carry that weight at the moment... Where do we put this stuff?

here is a rocktober inspired article i wrote that might interest my fellow cover artists.

Your article certainly resonates with me. I have often thought of the film metaphor to life. And now in my sixties, I think about the closing credits Thanks for framing nostalgia in a fresh light.

I teach yoga at an outdoor market this morning, and I'm also in charge of the music there, which mainly means asking my buddies to alternate weeks and every week I get to do a short set if I want to. I'm hoping to do a bunch of covers today and perhaps an original (50/90 song from way back, maybe 7-8 years ago), but there's also a festival starting next door at about the time I'll be playing so we'll have to see about the competing sound.
If I can't record myself at the market, I'll do some video recording today or tomorrow. And I just looked through the Rocktober songs and saw some of my favorites - can't wait to listen.

@JamKar Thank you for reading my article. I am glad it resonated with you. Those of us in our sixties need to clarify a few assumptions about how we read the life lines of our personal histories.

If I could sing and perform I'd take part !

I'm not a robot.

Marina and the Diamonds - 2010

RIP Ginger Baker.

@Fuzzy how can we be sure? You may be the robot overlord who controls us brains in vats.

You can trust me, @TomS.
I would never harvest your organs to recharge my batteries.

Anyone else having trouble playing @Mt.Mélodie's Daniel Johnston track? It doesn't seem to want to play on any of my devices. There's already a comment on it, so I'm wondering if it's just me....

You say that we can trust you, @Fuzzy, but can we trust you when you say that we can trust you? Or, do you mean to say that we can trust you on that one little thing, but, by conversational implicature, you mean ONLY on that one thing? It's a linguistic and philosophical mess of a conundrum! I mean, I've heard that all Cretans are liars, but is that true of all Canucks? (No, I can't get that song to play.)

Computers (I mean Canadians, yeah, that's it...) never lie.

Thank goodness! Smile

billwhite- very interesting and insightful article there, nicely done

I took a little break from some music stuff after 5090- and got busy with life, etc., but yeah, I'm looking forward, hopefully this weekend, to recording a few covers for Rocktober... and catching up on some Rocktober listening too..

And... here's "Here comes the sun"

I didn't know we were putting them here. Well, OK then! -- In order of appearance:

Load out, Jackson Browne

Cocaine, JB's version

Lives In The Balance, JB

I Am a Patriot, Steven Van Zandt

Casino Nation, JB

Lil' Cocaine Bill, Traditional, Pub Dom Re-write and Musication, Traditional ustaknow (alias)
-- Did this out of a discussion about the Traditional/Pub Dom - "Cocaine Blues" (the most generic of it's many titles and origins!, -- you'll get a music history lesson if nothing else!)

I'm not sure I'll do many more. Out of the very interesting discussions that can/do come out of this, -- new ones (old songs), come up as a potential learning experience for me. I'm looking at Velvet Underground's, "Heroin" ... ironic for one not engaged, hahhh!

-- I've got a little bit of "change of weather" congestion and effect. so, we'll Sea!

Edited in:
So, got to what came out as:

(Singing helps my congestion, -- luv-it!)

I can’t remember the web address for Rocktober.

Here’s my version of Maxwell’s Silver Hammer -

Hey @marvsmooth -- here it is for MSH above:

A suggestion for you, -- take out the " ' " s " and " - " so less likely of an Internet Browser issue for listeners. (Most have that handled, but why risk it.)

To get that URL for you, all I did was just click on your song at Roctober Tab, and copy the URL while in your song from within the Browser address box.

So, derUgo Smile

Sorry I've been out of commission! I have a start on a Turtles cover and need to get working on Because but I promise both those songs will go up soon... once I get my voice back from this horrid sinus cold.

Looking forward to it @metalfoot!

I'm gratified to see so many Roctober tunes posted!

Great job, everyone!!

I thought I was through with 50/90 and Rocktober about a week ago. Got real busy with work and daughter's school. But I did finally get a new guitar!
I went to the Rocktober page and listened to a couple songs just now, and now I'm inspired to share at least one more on my new guitar - an anniversary gift from my wife. She's heard me talking about getting one for months and went ahead and got me a gift card to the local music store. And enough left on the card to buy our daughter a ukulele for Christmas!

@Chip Withrow -- congratulations. I'll assume it's a marriage anniversary, not your nth-year on FAWM-5090 or other? Wink

Being busy with real life is just no excuse for not jamming in a few new songs, no excuse Smile

So, what kind of guitar? Acoustic, cutaway, electric, lap steel, banjitar? Are you yet considered Guitarded? I am... yes... it's unavoidable at this point. (But, I do use'em all, I do!)

So, what kind of song? Will it feature a duet with the new daughter-alele?

Well, I guess we'll see unless IRL throws up a blockage... -- I hope this year's storms have no effect for you-all down there!

Finally got around to "Golden Slumbers"

Without the "new comments" flag, (missing in my browsers I use), -- I've lost track of any new comments as long as the song list is now. I've tried to track it a number of ways, but not realistic when reaches this count of tracks. -- So, to any that back track the tracks to listen... hopefully I'll catch any new ones eventually and say thank you in advance!

-- Only eight days left, and, it's been fun! A learning experience for me!

I want this cold out of my vocal cords already....! Sad

Okay, "Something" is done:

Jeez, my voice is a mess. The good news is that I'm feeling much better than I did last month.

All done! Have posted a few Abbey Road songs and really enjoyed doing them and listening to all the other Rocktober tracks that everyone has done. Am off for a family trip tomorrow and so that's me finished for this year. Thanks for all the comments and thanks for the great music. FAWM is just a few months away!

What if we extended Rocktober into November and even December, with new albums for each month? That'd take us pretty close to FAWM, and I am finding the process of thinking through other people's song quite useful and fun. Smile

So am I - more so than I have in previous years, in fact. So I just pulled Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows" apart and turned it into something else...

I agree; I wonder if we can keep posting tunes once October is over?

If I remember correctly (and my voice is finally coming back-- don't give up on me yet!) the song-posting ability for Rocktober NEVER ACTUALLY CLOSED last year until like February or something. LOL

Sure, after Rocktober, Novocker begins Smile followed by Discembers or could be, per the above, Desassemblers, then some other month, then FAWM. Then is the four month period of in studio mixing time, Quatrodemixo, then 5090-2020!

How about "Jamuary" where everyone does Grateful Dead and Phish covers? Wink

Oh, I love that, "Jamuary", -- it must be jam, 'cause jelly don't shake like that! Prog-rock, it's a great way to spend 15 mins Smile per track!

Horrible, I know, but I never understood the Dead.

No, me neither.

A thing I knew about, got renewed in looking at songs to "cover" Smile (today when had time) -- well this one band of a song I thought I'd cover, (ala '80's) in the video that came up, -- the solo, he's not playing Smile and I get that, to some degree (video, MTV, etc.) ... but then I see he "spins" at certain riffs, all segments. Then, "hearing" that what he's playing, (never paid attention to the "lead" guy previously, just the over all song), -- it's not complicated figured, ear-it-out... and --- I don't think he was playing it. (The thing is, it's not a complicated solo, so it kinda really stuck out, then read about two guitars playing and don't get why. Oh well, not a guitar hero or anything Smile )

they are never playing when filming the video unless it is a live concert or mtv session or something like that. alsom the editor rarely tries to match shots with what is being played. they will just insert what they think is the best shot of the guitarist soloing to go with segments of the solo. it doesnt mean the guitarist didnt play the part on the record.

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And I thought Iron Maiden played their guitar solos Biggrin

Alien Past Alive.....first of two rocktober 2019 albums now available for free downloads on bandcamp,

@sph that's a great video! Smile

It took me almost the entire month, but I managed to record Power in a Union for Rocktober.

I've finally managed to do In the Court of the Crimson King. I've also submitted "Come Together".

FINALLY did the 2 songs I had meant to do this month. *phew* Because (from Abbey Road) and She's My Girl (the Turtles) are both up now.

I'd like to put in a listening recommendation for @Edward Roussac's remarkable achievement; he covered the entirety of King Crimson's "In The Court of the Crimson King" album. It is definitely worth a listen.

Folks, I don't ever get sentimental or "gushy" or anything like that, and I am not now either.

However, this year from FAWM, to 5090 to Rocktober, -- I grew, got better and really, really enjoyed myself.

I realise life and periods are a roller coaster ride. Nonetheless, it sure is nice to ride the high tracks in terms of enjoyment for a change, well, in a greater than usual frame. (I only have fun or would not do this, but this was good-good.)
-- Well also, I, we all, have to do the WORK... and I did jam my time up and over extend myself, and I do take my credit too, Smile for taking chances, "bravery" to put stuff out that I was not "sure" of, and leave it there.

None of us are alone here, -- so, for what it's worth, just say'in! Smile

(I don't understand myself why we feel the need to say stuff like this, but I did, so do, this time. "Another Stout please, oh and with a Rye back to, this time...")

I feel the same way. It’s been an awesome year musically, taking risks, growing, and making new friends. Looking forward to FAWM 2020!

@ustaknow, you gushy, sentimental, muso, you. Biggrin I, myself, favor gushy mushy sentimental stuff as often as possible. Smile This has been a ton of good fun. You all are some of the best people on the planet.