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So... I'll do whatever song isn't taken... It's looking like oh darling and carry that weight at the moment... Where do we put this stuff?

here is a rocktober inspired article i wrote that might interest my fellow cover artists.

Your article certainly resonates with me. I have often thought of the film metaphor to life. And now in my sixties, I think about the closing credits Thanks for framing nostalgia in a fresh light.

I teach yoga at an outdoor market this morning, and I'm also in charge of the music there, which mainly means asking my buddies to alternate weeks and every week I get to do a short set if I want to. I'm hoping to do a bunch of covers today and perhaps an original (50/90 song from way back, maybe 7-8 years ago), but there's also a festival starting next door at about the time I'll be playing so we'll have to see about the competing sound.
If I can't record myself at the market, I'll do some video recording today or tomorrow. And I just looked through the Rocktober songs and saw some of my favorites - can't wait to listen.

@JamKar Thank you for reading my article. I am glad it resonated with you. Those of us in our sixties need to clarify a few assumptions about how we read the life lines of our personal histories.

If I could sing and perform I'd take part !

I'm not a robot.

Marina and the Diamonds - 2010

RIP Ginger Baker.

@Fuzzy how can we be sure? You may be the robot overlord who controls us brains in vats.

You can trust me, @TomS.
I would never harvest your organs to recharge my batteries.

Anyone else having trouble playing @Mt.Mélodie's Daniel Johnston track? It doesn't seem to want to play on any of my devices. There's already a comment on it, so I'm wondering if it's just me....

You say that we can trust you, @Fuzzy, but can we trust you when you say that we can trust you? Or, do you mean to say that we can trust you on that one little thing, but, by conversational implicature, you mean ONLY on that one thing? It's a linguistic and philosophical mess of a conundrum! I mean, I've heard that all Cretans are liars, but is that true of all Canucks? (No, I can't get that song to play.)

Computers (I mean Canadians, yeah, that's it...) never lie.

Thank goodness! Smile

billwhite- very interesting and insightful article there, nicely done

I took a little break from some music stuff after 5090- and got busy with life, etc., but yeah, I'm looking forward, hopefully this weekend, to recording a few covers for Rocktober... and catching up on some Rocktober listening too..

And... here's "Here comes the sun"

I didn't know we were putting them here. Well, OK then! -- In order of appearance:

Load out, Jackson Browne

Cocaine, JB's version

Lives In The Balance, JB

I Am a Patriot, Steven Van Zandt

Casino Nation, JB

Lil' Cocaine Bill, Traditional, Pub Dom Re-write and Musication, Traditional ustaknow (alias)
-- Did this out of a discussion about the Traditional/Pub Dom - "Cocaine Blues" (the most generic of it's many titles and origins!, -- you'll get a music history lesson if nothing else!)

I'm not sure I'll do many more. Out of the very interesting discussions that can/do come out of this, -- new ones (old songs), come up as a potential learning experience for me. I'm looking at Velvet Underground's, "Heroin" ... ironic for one not engaged, hahhh!

-- I've got a little bit of "change of weather" congestion and effect. so, we'll Sea!

Edited in:
So, got to what came out as:

(Singing helps my congestion, -- luv-it!)