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Hey, folks, it's almost Rocktober time again!!!
Are you excited?!? Oh boy, I sure am!!

For those of you who don't know, Rocktober takes place during October (immediately following 50/90) and is a place to record and post your cover versions of any song you want (including tunes by other FAWMers).

It's usually a pretty small crowd, but is lots of fun, so it would be great to see more folks participating.

This year's album is The Beatles' "Rubber Soul" (UK version), although you can cover any song you want - The Beatles are just a suggestion.

Choose a song in this thread and I'll reserve it for you here - more than one person can cover the same song, so don't cry if your favourite is taken.
You can also cover more than one of these songs.

Drive My Car - @Chip Withrow

Norwegian Wood - @Adnama17; @corinne54

You Won't See Me - @Vom Vorton

Nowhere Man - @coolparadiso

Think For Yourself - @mike skliar

The Word - @atitlan

Michelle - @metalfoot

What Goes On - @ballyhoot

Girl - @johnstaples

I'm Looking Through You - @TomS (for certain)

In My Life - @pearlmanhattan; @Peter Arvidson

Wait - @metalfoot

If I Needed Someone - @tcelliott, @lowhum

Run For Your Life - @Fuzzy

* Bonus Tracks *

Day Tripper - @corinne54

We Can Work It Out -

12 Bar Original -

My link doesn't work either. Maybe @Eric Distad can help.

I wanna participate and I second your motion for Rubber Soul. Can we agree on the UK version?

Of course, @johnstaples, that's the only version worth listening to!

What about Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds' Biggrin

Sounds fun! If there is a link.

We could, I suppose, have a Rocktober thread right here. Would make commenting more of a challenge, but what I would do is put several comments to different 5090ers in one post.
I, too, like the Rubber Soul idea. Pet Sounds is cool, too.
If I were in charge of selecting (but I'm not, nor do I want to be) my first inclination would be London Calling by The Clash.

Pet Sounds! Cool!

So it's either "Rubber Soul" or "Pet Sounds", two votes for each.
I must confess, I've never listened to "Pet Sounds"; I'm not a Beach Boys fan at all, but I'll give it a try if it's the majority vote.

Fun fact, Rubber Soul and Pet Sounds were released within 5 months of each other! My vote is Pet Sounds. Next choice would be for Rubber Soul.

Rubber Soul might be easier to cover than Pet Sounds. I'm in, either way (though leaning to Rubber Soul)

I've been meaning to listen to Pet Sounds (for more than 50 years!) So today I did a quick sampling of every song. I found I knew 4 of the 13 and like 2 of those 4!

Based on that quick sampling my preference is still Rubber Soul. I'm guessing more people could cover those songs and more people who might listen will have heard them to be able to comment in some sort of context. One thing that is kinda frustrating at Rocktober (other than the fact that so few participate) is so many comments start with "I've never heard the original but..."

hi all. yeah, Roctober last year, as I recall, was fairly dead, and seemed to be just a shadow of its former self- but glad some folks are still thinking about it
i'd vote for Rubber Soul as well... those pet sounds beach boy harmonies are just too hard to pull off i think! (at least for me)

I would vote Rubber Soul as well.

Well then Rubber Soul it is.
Tomorrow I'll update the OP and we can choose songs.

I concede, Rubber Soul will be easier to produce as well. Those Beach Boys harmonies, oh man, would take some surgical edits.

I'd like to go ahead and reserve Girl! I've wanted to cover this one forever. Now would be a good time! Smile

If I participate in Rocktober, I'd want to cover all of the songs from the Beatles' self-titled album (but I will only sing on the tracks that Ringo Starr sings; in this case "Don't Pass Me By" and "Good Night").
I/we could also attempt to cover Revolution 9.

I'm wary of saying "I'm in!" given how badly I've flopped out of 50/90 this year, but I'd like to think I could manage a cover or two.

I vastly prefer Pet Sounds to Rubber Soul but the Beatles definitely lend themselves to covers more readily. I'd probably end up covering some other song and getting a bunch of those "I've never heard the original but..." comments that @johnstaples mentioned above though, haha.

Alright, lemmie know what song(s) you want and I'll reserve it for you in the updated OP.
More than one person can cover each tune, so don't be upset if someone else chooses your favourite before you do.

Any word on the Rocktober site?
Paging @Eric Distad.....

@Edward Roussac, you could try "What Goes On" if you like the Ringo tunes.

I'll do Norwegian Wood. I like to burn things. Wink

I would like to try "In My Life", thanks. @Fuzzy

I think I'll have a go at You Won't See Me.

Might give "The Word" a go - synth up that great bassline.

I listened to Pet Sounds in the car today. ( I listen to Rubber Soul fairly often.) I will do a song from Rubber Soul - don't know which one. I may tackle one from Pet Sounds, too.
I just finished writing a song (to be posted soon) partly inspired by Brian Wilson. He once made a comment to the effect that his Beach Boys songs were "teenage symphonies to God," or something like that.

I think I'm gonna give "What Goes On" a shot. I looked up some chords for it and it seems within my range. Smile

I'd like to try this if I have time, which is a big if. I'm Looking Through You would be the first I would tackle.

Well,@TomS, you're on the official list now, so there's no backing out!

I'll take Michelle, s'il vous plait!

Well as everyone is picking. I will take Nowhere Man.

Then banish the "maybe" friend @Fuzzy! No maybes about it, dammit! Smile

No one claimed "Drive My Car" yet? Well, I'll do it! Bluegrass style - just worked up something.

I asked Eric Distad over at the FB page about Rocktober and he said this,

"The old Rocktober site had to be taken offline when I did the security revamp before this year's 50/90. I'm debating about spinning a new version or trying to resurrect a more secure version of the old site. I'll keep you all posted. (It's good to know there is still interest in it! Smile )"

@Fuzzy can I be on the list too? In my life....

Thank you, @johnstaples!

WOW! We already have 11 of 14 songs assigned! This Rocktober is shaping up to be something fun!

If the Rocktober site doesn't come back, people could create a few Rocktober placeholders before 50/90 shuts its doors and then we can post song announcements to a forum thread with commenting happening in the normal way.

Also part of the "Rubber Soul" recording sessions (from "The Complete Beatle Recording Sessions" book):

Day Tripper
We Can Work it Out
12-Bar Original (included on one of the Anthology albums)

The placeholders idea is a good one, @atitlan, although I usually don't know what song I'm going to cover until a half hour before I record it; it's usually a spur of the moment thing for me.
I'll add those songs to the list, if no one objects.

I think we should all be required to do a version of Day Tripper. Or, at least guitar players in my age bracket. Biggrin

I’ve already started a cover of a song written this 50/90. I’ll probably do something off of rubber soul. Probably something not taken unless everything is taken by the time I decide. But I’m in for Rocktober this year for sure.

I could tackle Norwegian Wood or Day Tripper

I notice no one's claimed "If I Needed Someone" or "Think For Yourself" Biggrin

Will take "Wait" as well if nobody else wants it.

hey--- wow, rubber soul is off the ground!

since it s not taken, I'll take 'think for yourself'!

I'd like to take an additional stab at 'In My Life', definitely connect with it the most.

Anyone want to pick up "If I Needed Someone"? Then we'd have the entire album covered!

I can do "If I Needed Someone" - If anyone else wants to I'm cool with that, otherwise (or maybe in addition to that) I'll do a cover.

* bump *

Well, folks, I'm not sure we're going to get a Rocktober site this year, so as has been suggested by others in this thread, by the end of the week I'm gonna reserve a bunch of placeholders here on the 50/90 site, and you might want to do the same.
Then we can let each other know what's been posted in this here ROCKTOBER!!! thread.

Sound like a plan to you?

Good plan.

OK - Here's Plan B - You should see two new links in the left menu. One allows you to create new Rocktober songs and one is a list of created Rocktober songs. It's not quite a separate sub-site, but hopefully it gets the job done.

Please let me know if you need further changes, additional views, if you run into bugs, etc...