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Hey folks! be cool and couth and other things and sprout Rock Hands!

Get listed in the 5090STARS list!

Throw some money in the DONATIONS hat. A mere $10 and you'll get Rock Hands. $25, and you can get superconvenient file hosting!

Yes, this is a non-profit site but it's not meant to be a loss-maker for the guys and gals who run it and make it possible for us all to entertain or torment the world. There's machinery, bandwidth, stuff like that it has to be paid for by somebody.

AND it would be nice if enough came in not just to keep the machinery going without a new home mortgage for the showfacilitators, but perhaps a bit over for a drink or two for them.


Duly purchased, just waiting for them to show up now!

Just donated!

+1 on what @Tim Fatchen said about rock hands. If you are able, please also consider sponsoring someone less fortunate to help keep this fun summer activity going for all of us. I get hundreds of hours of fun and I feel it is important to give back to the community. I also use and highly recommend the FAWM & 50/90 file hosting.

@Tim Fatchen - that's a very helpful reminder. The file hosting is excellent and it is really important to give something to 50 90 if you can. Also the fact that you don't need to wait for 50/90 to start - you can get the rock hands now.

Donation made. Smile

Absolutely! Every who can reasonably afford to do so and who is enjoying the fruit of our hosts' labors should definitely consider making a contribution to help keep this place alive and running!

It's just the right thing to do!

Donated a while back, still haven't got mine Sad

See You In The Shadows…

Just donated today! Smile

Just a quick question; going from simple Rock Hands to onsite hosting, we just throw another $15 into to the donation hat, right? (I'll have to but can't until about 4 July...!)

Donated for hands yesterday but host song files on my own web site.

Just a reminder - if you've donated and are still waiting for Rock Hands, be sure to check the email linked to your donation. We've had some trouble this year matching up donations to the correct user ids.

And thanks again for supporting 50/90!

@Tim Fatchen You are correct. Be sure to include a note with the donation (or follow up with a separate email) to make sure we know your goal with the added donation.

@Candle I'm sorry for the delay. I sent an email to the account from which you donated asking for confirmation of your user id. There were a few options amongst our users, based on the information I had with the donation.

If you have questions connected with a donation, feel free to email us at donate at fawm dot org. We're always happy to help. Smile

Thanks for supporting 50/90, everyone! It is really appreciated.

Happy songwriting! Smile

@Jen Distad, looks like it's all fixed. Thanks!

Rok on!

See You In The Shadows…

Donated just now! Hi everyone

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It's a done deal. WOOO!!

My spouse hasn't actually said it out loud, but from how she looks at me before and after, it's apparent that she sees me as 85.3% sexier once I've gotten my rock hands.

Bumpity bumpity bump, especially as I'll be able to afford to buy the 5090 song hosting on monday!

Rock on!

Woohoo thank you Jen ! Got mine today Smile

oh yeah!

sent the paypal today - for hosting and rock hands! Smile