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@Eric Distad, is the site ready to receive donations for rock hands & hosting?

Donations are ready. File hosting will be ready this afternoon. Smile

Everyone who reasonably can afford to do so should donate! Help keep the site alive!

Will do my donation on Wed, 21st! It's on the A list part of the budget every June and January! Smile

If we order at least merch do we still get rock hands? You know over at the merch site:

Hock Rands!

@tcelliott Yes, if you order at least $15 in merch, you get rock hands.

Thank you for warp speed delivery of my rock hands @Eric Distad

@Eric Distad Sweet! I just got a hoodie AND rock hands in one swell foop.

hey, tc, thats a great idea

Ok, the filehosting tipped it so take your filthy blood money! Biggrin

I don't know why I'm in such an aggressive mood tonight.

You deserve the support. Don't let my jokes fool ya.


(And should anyone be considering buying one, I have to say that the FAWM hoodie is excellent quality and also happens to be just about the coolest item of clothing on the planet.)

@headfirstonly: Sweet, I should need the cooling come July.

@Ianuarius Yeah, it hit 39 C in the conservatory here this week. Cool is what we need Smile

I just bought a sweet T-shirt and rock hands!!!!

Thanks @Jen Distad for your work on rock hands and merch stuff!!


Done! Smile

Got mine! I always wait to post in forums until I see the hand next to my name. Got the file hosting, too - such a good deal.

Gene Simmons hates this thread.

He is apparently attempting to trademark the devil horns hand gesture. Claims to have invented it.

@Chip Withrow - You don't have to wait. Even your early posts have the rock hands once you get them. But the first time I see my name on the forum without the hands, I always go donate to get them asap, so I'm feeling ya.

@plainwhitetoast - And Texas will probably not like his meddling, with their "horns" which are really rock hands. Silly Texans.

At the moment I can't afford my rock hands... so please don't hold it against me Smile In a few weeks time I should be more flush Smile

@Amanda West That's my position at the moment. Just changing jobs and will be very tight on funds until first payday at the new company.

Oh Yea

just got a t shirt, and I guess rock hands and file hosting are on the way! yay!

Just signed up for Rock Hands and file hosting!!
I'm so excited!!!!

Just a reminder, donations of $10 or more get you the Rock Hand, while donations of $25 or more are eligible for file hosting.

If you read below the "Donate" button, you'll find this info as well as details on Fawm D. Rockingfeller Donations:

Happy songwriting! Smile

Also can donate rock hands to someone else if you are feeling generous! But don't stop there...if you treat yourself to some cool 50/90/FAWM swag you get the swag PLUS rock hands!

This site is going to be online and waiting for you for the next 90+ days! There will be fun people, great conversations and NEW SONGS...many of which you will write! Where else can you have this much fun for less than the cost of a couple of coffees (or covfefes!)

There is no way you can lose! So get those credit cards out and donate! Biggrin

It's amazing! I made my donation this afternoon and a very short time later I had my rock hands plus a file hosting account. Thank you Jen Distad. Smile

Here we go Smile

Rock on .... I got them

Yes, love my hands, hoodie, and can't wait to get the new tee cuz my other one I wore out! Got my stickers on my fridge, shaker on my desk and my coffee travel mug next to my coffee maker Smile Thank you, FAWM / 50/90 Gods! <3

I got mine!
I'd had loved to order the hoodie, but 20 bucks shipping for a 40$ item make our small world look big again. Wink
Time to dust off the coffee mug instead...

Can you get file hosting by spending a certain dollar amount at the store?

Doing my accounting. Will get rock hands shortly.

@simpleiscomplex Yes, if you spend $30 in the store, you are eligible for file hosting. Smile

I got those rock hands straight after donating. That was quick!

"Hand across the water...."


PSA: File Hosting account information is sent to the email from which you donated.

I love instant Rock Hands!

I just donated to get my rock hands, which is cool, and file hosting(which I might not even use)... I should have ordered a hoodie! Oh well, happy to help keep the site operating in the black.

I figure I'll bump this - if you haven't donated yet, you should really consider doing so. The hand next to your name is awfully cool, as is the knowledge that you're supporting good folks like Jen and Eric who make this possible even as they have non-50/90 lives to attend to.
I just got back from the grocery - I bought about $15 worth of things I only sort-of needed. Another way, perhaps, to look at the a $10 donation within the context of everyday life.

I need help. Someone just donated, but I can't figure out who they are. When I sent an email to the donor, it bounced. If you have donated, but have not yet received your Rock Hand, would you please let me know? Thanks!

The best option is to send an email to donate at fawm dot org. (Other options include tagging me in this thread with brackets around @Jen Distad or you could leave a message on my soundboard.)



Yep, got mine!

Thank you

@Jen Distad That is probably me. I used my wife's PayPal.