R.I.P. Tom Petty

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This is a tough one. I saw him in concert several times, have most of his albums, play a few covers of his. Special meaning are the song references to Gainesville, FL, his hometown, where I went to college and lived for 6 years. Dreamville has been playing in my head all day.

Yes, a bit surprised.

I didn't know he had any challenges like that.

I've loved his stuff since his first release. As I hear him, he did his own "stuff", --that's the way to "make it".

Although I'm sad, can't say I'm surprised. Seems every few days I read of yet another musician I admire - they ones I grew up listening to - passing away. I'm 51 and they are all older. Mortality feels more and more real.
Damn the Torpedoes is one of the most important and influential albums of my life - had it on vinyl and then made sure I had it on CD. Never saw him perform in person but watched plenty of live footage. Admired him as a person too - no BS about him.

I went through the whole is he, isn't he thing yesterday. I never saw him live and regret it. I just thought about it this summer as one of the few acts I'd really like to see. He's always been a finalist in the best american bands debates I love to have.

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One of the good ones

A huge loss!

I've had moments when writing songs where I've said "that's my Tom Petty moment!" One of those moments included on Don't Run Away from the Colours album, where I threw in a quick chord change riff between verse and chorus like the G-C interplay of Into The Great Wide Open.

When he got back with the full line-up of The Heartbreakers with the album Echo, that absolutely blew my mind.

He was perfect as part of The Travelling Wilburys, fitting nicely with the other four legends!

I saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on September 5th, 1999, at the Gorge Amphitheater, in Washington. It was windy. Really windy. If you've been to Eastern Washington then you know how it can get. It was a great show despite the way the wind made the sound sort of wonky. And when they went off stage prior to their encore, the wind stopped. Stopped. And every lighter (back then we all carried them) came out. A field of 18,000 candles waiting for Tom to come back to the stage and play 'Free Fallin' ' for us. I consider myself very fortunate to have been witness to such wonders. The man is gone but the music remains.

sad day... (and yeah, with the confusion over whether he had died or not it was like two people dying or something)

very glad I got to see him several times- a few times in the summer of 1986 when petty and the heartbreakers were acting as bob dylan's backup band, and doing their own stuff too...three hour shows with like 35 songs a night, great stuff.. then in about 2003 or so, saw him and the heartbreakers do another concert, their own full set, then dylan and his band do a set, then a great encore with members of both bands playing together, with dylan and petty both on stage...

Such a bummer. I got together with a friend to record a Tom Petty cover in tribute this afternoon. http://songs.fawmers.org/rocktober/18604

I ordered another copy of, I think it was five, ... of his albums. They were all back-ordered, not in inventory. I like the original bundling of songs as released Smile

I am sure I am going to come across another 2-3 copies of a couple of them in some pile I have around here Lol , hahhh...