Rewriting Childhood

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In honor of everyone freaking out over how awful the Ghostbusters Theme Song remake is (but seriously, listen to the original... is it THAT far a fall?), here's a challenge. Either write a new theme song for a movie that you associate with your childhood, or re-score a scene from one, or score a scene that didn't originally have music in it. You can also do this for tv shows. You can tag it #rewriting childhood.

Hmmm. great idea! Might do Fraggle Rock or maybe that space movie...what was it called? Star Wars? Biggrin

Really cool challenge idea... I'll be doing this one for sure.

I am going to need a Theremin I think.

[johnstaples], it's funny that you say Fraggle Rock, because I was thinking of re-scoring a scene from Dark Crystal or Labyrinth. Muppet minds think alike!

I'm going to write a Bond theme Smile Anyone want to collab seing as I can only do the lyrics and a topline melody ?

That's a cool idea, rewriting theme songs!

@katpiercemusic, DC or Lab would be awesome! Muppet minds indeed! Smile

Hmmmm, so many bad or bland TV and movies to choose from......

Neat idea, I'm gonna have to let that idea simmer and see if I come up with anything...

@Amanda West... Doctor Who?

@katpiercemusic lol @ Doctor Who - I'm game if you are. But I was thinking of writing a Bond theme.... worthy of Daniel Craig himself..... MMmmMMmmmMMmmMMMmmm
I'd need a suitable singer and composer though

Wow, John, there's two extremes. Don't mess with the classics, Fraggle Rock is sacred. ;p

Interesting. I was thinking of doing something like this with something from ... but I don't know if I'll get a chance to do it this during 50/90...

Did anyone notice that "Rewriting Childhood" seems a great song title and challenge in itself?


Hey, @katpiercemusic! Do you remember your old challenge? Smile
I made a song inspired by a beloved TV show called "Die Märchenbraut".