Reverse Exquisite Corpse time!

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The reverse exquisite corpse is like the regular but with an important twist:

The last section is performed first. Then you hand off THE FIRST 10 SECONDS of your 45s-1m segment to the person before you in line.

The last performer ends up starting the piece.

It's a little confusing but otherwise works the same.

Any takers?


7. metalfoot (stitcher) --done, first 10 s handed off
6. sph -- done, first 10 s handed off
5. kahlo2013 - done, first 14 s handed off...
4. marvsmooth - done, snippet sent...
3. ballyhoot - done, 10s sent
2. nateger-- in progress
1. lowhum

The end product will be stitched 1-7 so my part will be at the end, even though I am starting the ball rolling. I hope this sort of makes sense! We did it the first time last year and it was a *little* confusing but still worked out. Smile

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Never did this. Why not? Count me in

I'm willing

Weird, but very interesting. Go on then!

Sure why not??!!

Yes! Sign me up Smile

I'm also a go if there's space.

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I was away the last days but finally got to work on my segment. The first 10 seconds have been send to @kahlo2013. I will complete the segment and send it to @metalfoot within the next days.

Okay, I sent my first 14 sec to @marvsmooth and my minute of music to @metalfoot

Have fun!

@kahlo2013 - thank you Liz Smile

Bits sent to correct people.

I’m going to post my part up as a separate piece at a later time!

Quick update: made good progress tonight on my piece for the reverse corpse. A couple of tracks I would like to try to add but if i can’t get get to it tomorrow night, I’ll send it along as is so we can try to get the whole thing before month’s end.

My bit is done. Sent first 10 seconds to @nateger and the entire piece to @metalfoot

Running out of time to finish this. Should probably create a placemarker for the song so we can still upload it after end of month....

Yeah, I will... I'll wait till tomorrow but if I don't hear from @nateger then I'll create a placeholder.

Sending out my 10s nowwwwww

got it - working on the beginning!

I'm ready with my part - sent to stitcher.


OK. I guess I know what I'm doing this afternoon!

I haven't seen parts from either @nateger or @lowhum yet but once I receive them I will stitch and post this thing!

NB: If i don't have the stuff before I go away on a business trip, I'll create a placeholder tomorrow am and stitch and post on Wednesday night when I get home.

Just need Nate's part and I can put this show to bed!

All pieces now present and accounted for. Let the stitching begin!