Replying to comments on songs. Where?

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I'm confused. I replying to someone's comment on your song, should the reply go on their soundboard (as in FAWM) or stay under the song? I see the "Comments" page will show replies to comments you've made and those replies are actually on the song page.

@Tim Fatchen The reply should go to the Soundboard of the person who made the comment.

Folks, old/new should know they may not get a response to their response since isn't seen, in their account automatically. I say this to bump this topic (having been tracked down elsewhere off 5090/FAWM).

I'd suggest that if it's "important", like with a "new" person (or old, that forgets), copy and paste in their account too. Let them know. I know when I see many one sided comments, the responses are back in the others soundboard... and if interested to learn, look it up there. Or, just paste it in both places.

If I click someone's offsite URL sample I put that everywhere too. I don't want new folks thinking their not getting a proactive response.

A couple of weeks into this and folks "remember" it seems.

Or, track them down elsewhere and ask'em, what's up Wink

We have a great FAQ, --maybe we need a QuickStart re-start 3min-ish video (what I used to do in online classes, a very fast pinned walkthrough).