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Is it true that when someone comments on our songs, if we reply using the 'reply' feature, they won't see it?
I never did quite get the hang of responding to people, having to go to their profile and responding there on something they wrote on a song's comments section...

Respond on their Soundboard if you want them to see it!

The commenting is not really set up to be a nice threaded conversation. If you leave a response to a comment there is no notification and people don't return to a song they've already commented on. So they are unlikely to ever see your response. Leaving your response on their soundboard/profile is the best way to be sure they will see it.

With that said many people don't bother with a response and comment on one of their songs instead to return the favor!

Hmm...ok, thanks!
I was wondering about that, too...I felt like I'd need to just constantly say "thank you for your comments on blahblahblah...." and then try to say something about their comment. I really really appreciate people listening and then wanting to comment, because the comments here have really helped me gain confidence and get over slumps, etc. So I wanted to show I appreciated it by responding to them. I guess I'm too used to soundcloud and stuff like that.
Thanks again, I gotta do better with commenting on people's songs.

Actually, some people might notice comment responses even on the song itself... Basically, if you click over to "Comments", then there are 3 sections on that page. You have collab comments, comments on your own songs, and then responses to your own comments. The latter is where people could potentially see such responses.

Still... It's probably best to post on someone's soundboard, just to be safe. Smile

I'm agreeing with John. If I comment it was so I could listen to a song more than to let you know about it. If you thank me on my soundboard, great. But it's completely not needed. If you leave me a comment in return, great. It's very much appreciated. But neither are absolutely necessary.

i think one should acknowledge every comment received, yet less than half of the comments i make are acknowledged. if you make a comment on one of my songs, i will comment on one of yours. i only respind to a comment if there is a specific issue raised that needs to be clarified or expounded upon. the real satisfaction here is when you discover someone whose work you admire and they in turn admir yours, and a dialog comences that lasts through the entire three months..and sometimes beyond, , as we listen to and comment on each others songs. this year i am very excited to have discovered at least a dozen of like minded songwriters whose work i am enthusiastically following.

What @tcelliott said