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If you can reasonably afford to do so, please consider donating to our fine hosts here at 50/90, to help them keep this site running! They have all sorts of hosting expenses, not to mention all of the time and effort they put in. (I have no affiliation with them whatsoever, other than being a long-time happy participant.) $10 for rock hands! $25 for file hosting! More for good karma! It's all a bargain!

I've already made my PayPal donation, and am eagerly anticipating my rock hands making their appearance...

Thanks for the reminder! I just donated and I am now waiting for those magic RAWKHANDS to appear!

Great reminder - my rockhands are on their way I'm sure! I depend on that file hosting! Smile

...Soon will be rockhands..!! Smile

I don't even like to post on the forums until I have my rock hand - and now I do!

Thanks for the reminder! Donation made, waiting for rock hands. Smile


Made my donation Smile Rock hands in the post are better than Xmas !

Made mine too. Just waiting for the rock hands to come.

Scored some. Now I'm one of the cool kids.

Profile updated ... check!
Warm-up song written ... check!
Rock hands acquired ... check!

What do you mean we can't start yet?!

It's been some time since I've participated, so I forget, is there a way to donate by post?

@Malachi I am pretty sure you can do that. @Eric Distad or @Jen Distad will prolly be by here shortly to tell you how to do that!!

And Welcome Back To 50/90!!

Hey @Malachi - You can send in a check or whatever via post - Address and details are at the bottom of this page: Just make sure to note that it's for 50/90 somewhere.

And welcome back man!

Aces. Thank you, fellas. Good to be back. Smile

This community is such a great thing, sooooo glad to have it and happy to help keep it going!!! Smile

Yes, we get so much for the price of a pizza

Donated and now eagerly awaiting the infamous rock hands!

Done, done it
Rock hands are in process of generating

This should be more up top where people will see it

Just waiting for my Rock Hands now.

I refuse to donate .........................

.... oh, wait .............

@Kevin Emmrich you can't fool us...we see those rock hands beside your name! I always say "Kevin is one of the good guys!"

Anybody know how to access the hosting area??

@famouspatrick, you should have received an email shortly after making your $25 donation with a login username and password for the file hosting. If you didn't, you can use the contact form in the help/faq section to reach out to the admins, who I'm sure will have you up and running in no time.

@famouspatrick We sent your file hosting account information to the email from which you donated.

great thread, and yes, donations are essential to the songwriting process Smile

I checked my Spam and it went there. Sorry, I should have checked there first.

Eek. Forgot to donate before we started. Now I am in the embarrassing position of having written my first song and no where to upload it yet.... damn...


Remember to tip your crew!!! Biggrin

Ummm... So I donated last Wednesday, but my rock hands haven't arrived yet. My paypal has a different adress than the one I use for my account here, though. What am I supposed to do now?

When we receive a donation, we send an email to the account from whence the donation originated. I have one donation I haven't been able to process because I couldn't identify the username of the person who donated. I'm now guessing that you were that donor, @ryuu?

We generally try to process all donations within 24 hours. If you still don't have rock hands (and file hosting info email if you've donated $25 or more) please contact us at the following: donate at fawm dot org.

Thanks for donating! Smile

Yes, that must have been me. Thanks for resolving that so quickly!

I am seeing so many rock hands this year!! To anyone who did not get them yet...please consider donating! It is a small price for such a wonderful place!!!

Yeah, got me hands!

Man, I had to scroll down far to find this thread! And it needs and deserves a bump. We are almost to the halfway point (this Tuesday) and if you're still in the game and you haven't already, please consider donating. We've all had at least $10 worth of fun by now, right? And our mods do an amazing job running this playhouse.

Well, ok @Chip Withrow. You're right. Ten dollars is a tiny amount of money for tons of fun. Smile