Remember to back up your files!

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If you're like me, you tend to do your recording on a computer.
If you're like me, you probably don't back up and archive files often enough on said computer...

I'm running a system backup and archive once I post this thread. Remember, a file doesn't really exist until it exists in multiple places!

Google also has a great cloud and I got myself a special FAWM gmail/gdrive its free so if everything else crashes you can reach it from there.

As I wrote for a FAWM song this year, Back Up Your Stuff!.

My current system is:

1) Every night backup of my 4 hard drives onto a consolidated drive that's always attached to my computer.

2) Once per week, backup of the consolidated drive onto a separate hard drive that I keep at home, but not hooked up or plugged in (so as to guard against lightning strikes, etc.).

3) Once per month, back up the consolidated drive to yet another drive that normally I keep locked up at work in a remote location (so in case my house explodes, I have a backup of everything that's at most a month old).

I'm fairly comfortable with my current system, although if anyone not in the northeast USA would like to volunteer to be a remote guardian of yet another drive (in case New England falls into the sea), let's talk. Biggrin

@OdilonGreen I think my song "Redundancy" is now dedicated in your honour. That's awesome.

@metalfoot In this day and age, when pretty much everything that's important to me but not a person -- my music (both my own and my collection), my videos (ditto), my book library, my photos, my correspondence, my records and important documents -- is digital, it seems like an appropriate precaution!

And I hope the great lengths to which I go will inspire people who don't currently have any backup system to consider implementing one!

@OdilonGreen although I have not done it yet I intend to install a RAID system on my pc and network. Do you have any experience with those? Also, what backup software do you use? I use Cobian.

I don't have a RAID system. I've considered moving to such a system from time to time, but because I'm less concerned with speed and more on economy and simplicity, and because, as such things go, the amount of total data at issue isn't huge and easily fits on indepndent drives (about 5 TB), I simply have a collection of relatively cheap standalone disks.

For software, I'm on a Mac and use Carbon Copy Cloner, which has served me very well and I definitely recommend to anyone on the Mac platform.

I record all my demos on my phone. I never back them up.

Then, I dropped my phone in the toilet.


...Luckily, my phone turned out to be pretty much waterproof.

Corinne -- BACK UP YOUR FILES! Wink

Oh the pain of seeing this thread again today! I read it yesterday afternoon and thought I must back up my files soon. Last night my hard drive died. I've had it checked there is nothing that can be done. Fortunately I have copies of most things on various file servers so not much is actually lost. However the stark truth of @metalfoot stands out tall and clear. Do what he says and BACK UP YOUR FILES!

I was doing a tiny bit of recording for a friend of a friend. I gave her the files she needed, but then she asked a couple weeks later for something slightly different, and I had to tell her that the hard drive those files were on had died quietly in its sleep. Those files were not backed up. I have better organization for backups now.

A REPRIEVE Smile Smile The computer store fixed my hard drive for free - it was a broken cable, nothing more. Everything was still there. I hereby do solemnly promise to BACK UP ALL MY FILES NOW!
PS It's done, they are all backed up, phew!