Released a Game soundtrack over the last year!

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So last year, I was working on a game soundtrack for my brother during 50/90! Well, the game came out last October, and the soundtrack went up on Bandcamp and all the other selling places!

It's kind of weird compared to my normal stuff as it has such a high usage of orchestral and electronic stuff. It was a lot of fun to make though, and it helped me grow as a musician.

Recommended tracks:
"Friendly Mischief": Inspired by QOTSA, kinda took a really driving guitar feel that has a key change (my first one ever) switching to a grander octave part. This was featured in the trailer for the game
"Questions Removed" Space-jazzy track that has some of my favorite guitar playing along with a chill backing track.
"Uncertainty's Theme" The most rage inducing track as I stupidly chose to write it in 5/8 though I'd never even played in it before. Love the epicness of it. was kind of inspired by Steve Vai's work on the Halo 2 soundtrack!

Love to hear your thoughts as many of these came from ideas during 50/90.