Recording geeks: David Rawlings and Gillian Welch

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I enjoyed reading this. They are superb musicians, and their records are near live performances, recorded more-or-less live to TAPE.

Thanks- love their stuff, have seen them (both as "Gillian Welch and David Rawlings" and "Dave Rawlings Machine" ) many times, nothing like them!
that being said, I'm not quite a recording geek, so alot of that went over my head. Damn, they sound so good that if you captured that with two tin cans and a long string it'd still sound amazing! (but the fact that they're recording perfectionists probably helps the sound) only complaint is that I wish they were a little more prolific- Gillian in 20 years has only had, what, five records out under her name? (the last one, the 'harrow and the harvest' being perhaps my favorite, tho they're all great.

Just as I start to think I'm understanding production ok I listen to this and I realise I'm in Paris only knowing schoolboy French Smile Interesting though! Lots to learn.

I know, I am also still waiting for the next Gillian Welch album. For me Harrow and Harvest didn't resonate as much as the earlier stuff.

Fascinating read, @standup, thanks for sharing. Revelator is in my Desert Isand Disks pile. Their mastery of their sound is almost daunting.