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This is super vague but I remember a couple of years ago on this forum, someone posted a PDF or website that was a guide to recording. Tips and tricks from experience, down to the nitty gritty like having a specific place for musicians to put down their beer! Does this ring a bell for anyone?

Hmmm, my granny got her bell rung by a pickup truck! Sorry I cannot be more helpful. I'm a marsupial. And also I'm new here!

There is this might be useful, now that the possums have been relocated out of the baker-s oven into the treehouse:

Thanks Tim, I've come across that before and found it helpful. The guide I'm thinking about was like tips of the trade... I think it might even have been just a forum post, so maybe lost to the ether now,

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oooh that might be it. definitely it matches the tone of the possibly mythological thing i remember!

[edit] yesss this is it! re the beer, lol: "Unless you are going to forbid drinks in the studio, you should make space for them in places where people are likely to be. The floor is a bad place, but is vastly better than on top of keyboards, mixing consoles, or rack gear. I like little cocktail tables with felt floor sliders on the bottom. They are inexpensive and movable and having a few of them makes it easy to be a fascist about saying that drinks are not allowed on any other surface, ever."

@3tdoan I don't know what microphone you'll be using, but there's this:

The designer is Australian but the microphones ship direct from China. Reputed to be very high quality. I have one of their mics, one of the more expensive ones, but it's a good mic.

The website is a little clunky, you have to find the guy's e-mail and e-mail him directly. You can get these mics off of Ebay, but I've heard it's cheaper just to contact this person via e-mail.

interesting, thanks!