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For unknown reason, I get itchy to explore, reexplore a new instrument.

Again, can't say why, currently, the Recorder. (Was *very interested in Native American Flute, too!! - 6 hole, of a Pentatonic nature...)

Once I learn a key scale I like, or two, I tend to use it to jam, and/or write.
(Tends to be C, A (relative minor) G, E (relative minor) ... Yes guitar friendly scales, bass, cello, etc.)

--- Thoughts?

(I'm getting the Hohner, Pear Wood Soprano, coming soon, a self-b-day present... And was very interested in the Yamaha Tenor, 304B... Price and Rep... Also, getting a Bach for Recorder book and found a seemly great web site, collating fingering to scale, notation. I am a Pattern driven learner... If see the math pattern in it, learn it, gud'nuff : )

-- again, thoughts?

-cheers all!

I love playing on the recorder. I used to have a full consort but my tenor is inexplicably missing. I'm going to need to replace it. I like the yamaha baroque series. They're plastic, but they sound so good. All the recorder playing I've recorded here is on yamaha Bs. If you like patterns, check out irish whistle and fiddle tunes. They're full of them. And woohoo for Bach!

Hwy kpm,


Your suggestion, on the fife, -- got me to get 4 notes from that krappey Ft. Ticonderoga, souvenir fife : ) ..., not a bonding experience as I had hoped. I honestly didn't think, it'd be that hard. The Native American Flute, w/6 holes would be more fun due to air/mouthing element. Also, who doesn't like a nice Pentatonic jam. However, checking out the Recorder first, since feel can then do what the NAF offers anyway.

--- Any tips, tricks, other on Recorder?

I was flashing back to NYC public school days... and how badly, they just didn't "teach" it. They took'em all back in a week, month, short time (60's ish, era). They tried the flutophone/song flute, those were retrieved even quicker, no lessons at all. -- I never understood what all that was about. One day, they handed them all out with a very confused teacher, (same, not a special music teacher), then, one day, took them all back. Weird. ...

In those days, to learn an instrument, you paid for lessons, -- no tab, no self teach, etc. Music was for rich folks!, not a Jamaica Ave. kid : ) (mid-rabbit trail here...), I remember lifting "the needle" on records, on a "untuned" record-player (unaware of keys : ) figuring out songs, OMG! ..., times have changed. Turns out, most instrument were not as "hard" as the paid teacher, demanded it was!

(The BBKing lecture(s) on how he learned are interesting... he later tells folks, -- not the way to go : )

Yeah. We're lucky where I teach. Our district provides recorders for students and they get to keep them. We work on it from around October through May in 3rd grade. Some of them get very good at it. On recorder just make sure that you're using slow focused air. Air that is too fast will cause it to squeak. The 2nd octave can be a challenge and chromatic notes take some getting used to, but it has a fairly sharp learning curve compared to other instruments.

Also, you did more good for yourself listening than sometimes lessons can do. You'd be surprised at how many music teachers forget the importance of listening and developing an "ear" for music.

Hey @katpiercemusic

My Recoder came tonight, early... was not expecting till next week.

The Pear wood, from memory, does sound nice, better than the old plastic one I had... Now shocked at the price, --low.

Anyway, as you said, careful how you blow, indeed. And, crazy?, noticed, as I played, was "sounding" better, the instrument, not me : )

Little paper said, start with 10 min and increase time on it, don't as new, play it long. Break in? Interesting.

It's weird how it goes squeaky with same air, but maybe "tilted" in mouth... then when in good tone, can blow a bit harder for Volume, but not crazy hard. Interesting.

Interesting too, you can finger two notes German or English style... Slight diff in timbre, tone but same pitch.

I'll check the Intonation tomorrow.

I hope I "bond" with it, since sooo convenient to have on hand, in car, etc. But, I know I'll have to then switch, I think to Tenor since really love lower register tones ... We'll see. Getting way ahead there! Heck, if I can jam with this, and sounds good with guitar, it'll be fine... If only for the size.

I figured the piccolo version may sound to thin for me... well, I see why folks get sets then.

Anyway, my hope is, I am playing it a year from now, if even just in the Truck, waiting for wifey to finish shopping, etc.
: )

I'll transpose my guitar scale runs, and shred the pipe : ) Hahhh... Then, with my Bach, to slaughter, I'll be happy with it.

It's sooo different from Strings... It's an interesting feeling to struggle a bit. I think I'll do with this as I did with cello, -- I skipped alpha-note names, and just collated the Note to the finger position. Bypassing the Note name collation made site reading 100% easier, faster. I would react with sound, fingering, not name, then, ... etc. -- rabbit trailed that one : )

Eww... found this:
95 Dexterity Exercises and Dances for Recorders in C (Soprano & Tenor) Paperback – January 1, 1991
by G. Rooda (Author)

I know these "runs", but "funny" for a Recorder, -- who knew? (I hope some of the "string skipping" : ) ones are there.. the preview looks good)

What I might do is copy the ones I like, and hand write the fingering... see, say do, rote method.

-- Getting excited, canutell? : ), as I sit here next to 30+ guitars a Half Stack, 3 100W heads, Ashdown bottoms for my Bass/Acoustic and my:
Pear Wood $29 Recorder Oh my : ) ... life, is wonderful!! Hahhh...

(At the end of FAWM, I got on a Uke kick, -- but, didn't go as well as this. Can't sing, and play the Recorder... hmmm, work around ideas : ) , kidding..., probably can vocally Riff "with" it..., so many ideas..., aye "teach"?!)

Instrument acquisition syndrom. Many of us have it. Yes, wooden wind instruments are sensitive. Remember that wood is very sensitive to changes in humidity and playing a wind instrument is exposing it to huge humidity changes. So most people will suggest introducing it gradually. It's the same if you start playing it after a long time of letting it sit.

I say once you get the basic idea of it, listen to tunes you like and then try to imitate and play along with them. You want to jam, so learning by ear is the best way. That's how I retaught myself recorder as a teen. I even tried to approximate guitar solos from my favorite celtic rock bands. And this is coming from a music teacher who also stresses the importance of reading. Recorder is a great instrument for developing the ear and for playing by ear.

I'm moving quickly over to Native American Flutes, -- so much support, I am astounded. : ) There are many builders, and one or two very comprehensive how to build one for yourself, sites. Way over the top, down to the physics level, -- love it : )

I've built many instruments, fixed more than I can remember, but never a flute. I don't think I will either : )

Anyway, hopefully next FAWM?, I might have a niche in my stuff with that too. It has already affected my music, in some way, I am sure, just can't say, how, though.

First try, one day with a NAF : )
Tull, tull, tull, ... ... LOL! Thick as a brick, it's coming.