Record Label Executive & Verification!

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Guys I am having a killer day! I wanted to share it with you all!

So Big Deal Music (Nashville, TN) executive Dale Bobo called me today! He asked me for three songs, so I sent him Dab, Confessions, and Wink Wink (@Adnama17) and cross your fingers for me that something good comes out of that!

Then I got verified by the Music Development Agency! Blue checkmark and EVERYTHING! So I’m like losing my mind over here guys! It’s all because of this community giving me tons of wonderful feedback this year and giving me the confidence to push through negative feedback and criticisms!

Big thanks to @pearlmanhattan and Juha / ia / Bard Cards genius!

That's awesome! Hope it works out for you!

So... When can I expect your Australian tour? Biggrin

Wow!!! Congratulations! So happy and hope it continues to go well!!

That's great news!!!!

Great! Come to Adelaide on your Australian tour...

Congrats man!

Oh honey, you are quite welcome, but you did this. Hugs to you and congrats!

Congrats! Wink Wink is a really memorable song

Thanks for the kind wishes guys! That really means a lot to me, more than you probably think <3