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I looked and didn't see that anyone had started this thread yet...

A place to give a shoutout and share for a song from one of your peers that has caught your attention.

This one from @Acousticmaddie caught me by surprise as well as catching my ear. A great way to open the batting. - "She left me by the river"

When should we say something, and when should we keep it to ourselves? "Musn't Say That" by @corinne54

This one from @Silver Machine is insane. WEAR THE STRINGS

Alfredo, you rock.

Hotel On Fire by @PeteMurphy.

Excellent words!

The Tortoise & The Ladybird by @hazeyjohnii is an absolutely delightful children's tale beautifully realised, set to a lovely Randy Newman style jazzy piano style arrangement -

I've found quite a few that I could easily put in this thread. But just listened to a new one from @expendable friend and overcame my innate laziness to show up to the forum.

Great example of what to do with equipment failure during brand new, first performance, great, song, -- keep playing! They'll love it anyway!

I'm in love with @paulotteson's voice. Buttery voice that reminds me some of my fave new folk dudes - Sufjan Stevens, Tom Cooney, Matt Corby.

Okay, This is hard. I have a lot of good songs that I could recommend, but this one is a must listen:

She lost her son. This is a week one tribute to his death anniversary. Beautiful writing. Beautifully sung. You won't regret giving it a listen.

@spirulence wrote this great one about water guns and evil forces.