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I looked and didn't see that anyone had started this thread yet...

A place to give a shoutout and share for a song from one of your peers that has caught your attention.

This one from @Acousticmaddie caught me by surprise as well as catching my ear. A great way to open the batting. - "She left me by the river"

When should we say something, and when should we keep it to ourselves? "Musn't Say That" by @corinne54

This one from @Silver Machine is insane. WEAR THE STRINGS

Alfredo, you rock.

Hotel On Fire by @PeteMurphy.

Excellent words!

The Tortoise & The Ladybird by @hazeyjohnii is an absolutely delightful children's tale beautifully realised, set to a lovely Randy Newman style jazzy piano style arrangement -

I've found quite a few that I could easily put in this thread. But just listened to a new one from @expendable friend and overcame my innate laziness to show up to the forum.

Great example of what to do with equipment failure during brand new, first performance, great, song, -- keep playing! They'll love it anyway!

I'm in love with @paulotteson's voice. Buttery voice that reminds me some of my fave new folk dudes - Sufjan Stevens, Tom Cooney, Matt Corby.

Okay, This is hard. I have a lot of good songs that I could recommend, but this one is a must listen:

She lost her son. This is a week one tribute to his death anniversary. Beautiful writing. Beautifully sung. You won't regret giving it a listen.

@spirulence wrote this great one about water guns and evil forces.

I know, I know, putting something by @expendable friend in the Recommendations thread is like throwing a 'Caution: Wet' sign into the ocean, but this song is a wondrous illustration of what can happen if an artist decides to branch out into a new and exciting genre...

The Tragic Tale of Herbie the Street Chinchilla: *23040

It is a proposition self-evident that a @PeteMurphy and @Stephen Wordsmith collaborative effort will end up in this thread. Because such songs are always GREAT. This is no exception: "And I Listen"

Do your politics-and-world-weary soul a favor and go listen to this stirring song written by @hazeyjohnii for the eclipse challenge: "Shadow of the Moon"!

Hey you! Yes - you! Do YOU like Father John Misty but tire easily of his relentless jackassery? Look no further than...

Self-Immolation of a Wave - @The Lung God

I was trying to get my head around the Week Seven challenge, so I checked out this track by @ampersandman.

At the end of it, I still didn't quite grasp the concept of movement in half-step intervals, but I was absolutely blown away with this dark, bottomless web, woven with the deftest strings.

Edit: So blown away was I, I forgot how to conjugate verbs.

First off, I want to recommend my own song "10,000 Watts" because I've never been more proud of a song I've written than this one:

But, since I can't just recommend my song (because that sucks lol) let me share some of the epic ones I've heard so far this 50/90! - The Pancotta Army / Stephen Wordsmith - Krayzie003 / cindyrella - TomS

I don't usually do the recommended song thing, but this:

Some quirky but emotionally resonant alt-pop from French Cricket and expendable friend

Here is a song that just delighted me to no end!

It is called Jungle Bells by @billwhite51 and it is just a delightful Christmas song with such an unexpected setting! Bill's performance suits the song to a tee! This one was FUN!