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Have you run across a song that you think deserves a wider hearing? Feel free to post it in this thread!

I'll start with this one, by @katpiercemusic.

@marthienel has already treated us to several lovely compositions, the best of which is this delicate, hauntingly beautiful piece:

All I have for you:

Glad you asked! I bumped into this fabulous guitar teacher/singer/songwriter when we had our Boston area FAWM-over party. @JackByrne is the real deal! Fantastic musician and all-around good guy. Definitely support his new songs. You won't regret it! This is his first time playing in the sandbox with all of us.

This song is really wonderful!

Wow! You put me on there? Thanks! I came on to wax impressed by this one by @paulotteson. It's incredible! One of the best I've ever heard.

here's a simple uke tune I really dug alot...

One of the guys that I always see pop up on Facebook: @tcelliott . It's really an interesting take on the whole relationship problems tonally.

Another @paulotteson track... *30751 "What Came Of The Stars"


Okay, here's an awesome song by @ILERMINATY : What surprised me was this was still a zong after slightly over 2 days. I guess it slipped under the radar somehow? Anyway, more people should hear it. Smile

I thought this one by cleanshoes was outstanding:

This one is a fantastic collaboration! Definitely one of my favorites that I have heard so far this 50/90.

Klaus and Kristi came up with this;


OMG @colgoo Thank you. I have no words. Made my day.....

I have been singing this song since I listened to it the other day

So many good ones in my place list already but for just one i would go for this

Just finished chilling to this dreamy ballad by @johnstaples:

Hey, if you like weirdo blues music, have you heard this crazy track by @Silver Machine???

How often does a banjo song make this list? I was so amazed to come by this song, worth a listen, great vocal and playing. "Damn The Dew" by @paulotteson

I swore I wasn't going to do this, this time, but what the hey....wild and firey:

Thank you to @Robyn Mackenzie for recommending one of my songs on this page. Now I'd like to return that favor with a recommendation for one of her's that is easily my favorite song of 50/90 2018! Everyone needs to hear this one because the message is spot on, the production is perfect, the song is awesome!

Hi everyone, I stumbled across Morten's @graceville tracks a while ago. Love his voice and his lyrics. I can't believe he has so few listens.

Here's a particularly lovely one.

I keep meaning to post this! Still my favourite.

@Trendall needs to be discovered!

I'm just gonna pile on to the rec made above by @tamsnumber4. That @Trendall tune is like Nick Drake meets Morrissey. Good stuff

Sorry but not sorry... this Superhero collab between Wobbie and Jibbidy made my day!

And here's another one by @wobbie wobbit.
Perhaps the most hilarious thing I've heard all summer!

@cindyrella and @barbara did this lovely and touching song. There is even a great story behind it:

I'm Part of the Sunset Now