Recommended Listening - 50/90 Songs That You Love

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I did not see this thread yet and while I know it is early it is never too early to share wonderful songs that have been posted!

I'll start by recommending a lovely song by @aesthetic72 called August in April!

Another song that really stands out for me is Horror Stories from @cts over at The Jelly Factory!

Here's a fun tune that I'm assuming is not for everyone; a great slice of weirdness from the always awesome @Silver Machine.

Just heard this which is really wonderful from @nateger

Hot off the presses and easily one of the prettiest ones I've heard yet this 50/90...

I love this one! from @Jibbidy34

I was flattened by Take Me To You by @3tdoan

Git over yonder. @Klaus just rewrote the White Album for an alternate Universe.

Skimmed this thread and missed this. nawwww I’m so honoured @ductapeguy!

And I’ll put in a good word for @pokerowan’s One touch thin. intriguing lyrics, compelling performance.

This took me away.
I've heard so many songs already that have given me the feels - but this one hits some synapses within or something...I dunno. I love everything about the feeling it gives me. From @Ferry Colyer this minor key blues from @headfirstonly with its heavy piano and guitar is the kind of record jim morrison might be making today had he lived.

Cheers @billwhite51!

WOAH! Thank you so much!!!!!! Smile @mike skliar