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I tapped out after 20 tunes and left in a heap of frustration, last year. I have a schedule as to how I wish to get things done this year.

I’ll be doing whatever I can to get these songs down, singing in the shower, on the train , etc.

I may also collaborate this year, we’ll see how far I get on my own.

Can’t wait for July 4. Let’s do this!

20 tunes is a win!

Practicing your skirmish skills will help! A random title and an hour and crank it out.

I mean, if you want to know how folks with kids and day-jobs manage, it's probably that they've practiced their skirmish skills. (It is how I manage success.)

I mean, I've also recorded a lot of songs in the car while driving. (Zoom H1 "handy recorder" in a drink holder, so I was safe and not distracted.) Filling your day with song helps, too. Smile

I consider even one new song a win, @TomS.

@bigstarlet you accomplished more than I ever have. I'm really going to try this year though. Anyways, as others have said even 1 more song is a success. Best of luck this year. Let's do this!

Thanks guys! Best of luck to you all as well. All of a sudden, ten days in, and I have nothing. Will need to try the skirmishs.