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Joshua and I need a rapper for our collab. Any takers? Smile

Actually, I might find that idea fun if no one else wants to give it a go!

I'm not the best rapper, and I'm not sure if I'll have too much time, but I can also volunteer my services as well.

I did a few raps for FAWM if you want to hear how I sound:

Voice of "Summer" in this seasonal rap battle: https://soundcloud.com/cleverisallihave/mediocre-rap-battle-of-fawmstory-winter-vs-summer?in=josh-si...
King of Tea: https://soundcloud.com/josh-siegel-3/the-king-of-tea?in=josh-siegel-3/sets/fawm
Twizzle Dizzle (I still don't know why this is so popular on my sound cloud): https://soundcloud.com/josh-siegel-3/twizzle-dizzle?in=josh-siegel-3/sets/fawm

Go with @siebass, because they're cool!