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Because that's my name. Commas matter, @Adnama17!

Grammar humour, my favorite kind!

F***! Twice in one day I am caught with my commas down...

I name all my guitars TomS. Smile

Actually, that's a lie. My guitar is named Jill. Smile

It's really weird that a potato can look perfectly lovely on the outside and have a big rotten spot inside that is only revealed by cutting it into pieces. I don't understand how this is possible. Anybody here a potato scientist?

Just like some people, @TomS; lovely on the outside but rotten on the inside. I do not suggest cutting them into pieces, though.

My favorite example of the importance of commas is "Let's eat, people!" versus "Let's eat people."
I don't name guitars, but we do name our cars after they get old. We drive our cars until the die on the roadside. My last car was named Seamus and I wrote 2 songs about it. My wife's van is named Beulah and I've written one song about it. My current car is three years old and therefore far too young to have a name.
As for potatoes - one of my favorite things to eat lately has been tater tot-and-refried bean burritos.

If I had a guitar named TomS I think I would need drums with toms named GuitarS. The plural of bass is basses, unless it is a collection of basses each named Bass, in which case they are collectively a "funk" of BassS. Unless we are talking about fish...

From working in restaurants for 30 years and checking in much produce, I have been told more than once by purveyors that rotting from the inside can be caused by being harvested in conditions which are too wet. More of a random factoid.

Thank you, @tsunamidaily it truly was bugging the heck out of me. I wonder why wet conditions would result in rot in the middle but not on the outside? What's the mechanism?

@Chip Withrow - There's a band that have taken advantage of that omitted comma thing - a pair of sisters from Norwich in the UK who call themselves Let's Eat Grandma.

Good music, too.

LOL, @Fuzzy!

@TomS rotting from the inside usually applies to fruits, roots, and bunches (esp heads, as in the cruciferous vegetables and lettuces). The water is taken in through the xylem and phloem (actually one or the other- I forget) and distributed throughout the plant. When harvested, these vegetable parts are removed from the circulatory system, and the excess water can then not escape but is trapped. The excess water pools in certain sections, and the extra force breaks cell walls. Then, the broken cells bathed in water rot on the way to market and on the shelf. Transport time from field to table can exceed two to four weeks on some produce, providing ample time for rot to occur.

@tsunamidaily, I am in your debt. Smile

I've been trying to keep a frog out of my pool; I've caught and removed him at least ten times in the last two days, but five minutes later he's back. I don't mind that much, but I don't think that the pool water is good for him. Plus, I'm not sure he can get out by himself.

@Fuzzy - That is indeed a random thought! We have night frogs that make a lot of noise in the summer (mating season?) but we rarely see them. And the invasive cane toads have made their way into our part of Florida, but seem to be staying closer to the river neighborhoods. We saw a lot of them on a night hike in Costa Rica.
I've heard of frogs returning to favorite bodies of water, including pools, before. Some folks I know have sort of adopted them as pets. Same with iguanas.

Yeah, I kinda look after this guy like a pet now. Scoop him out of the pool a couple of times a day and at night so he can get something to eat, and he just jumps back in when he wants.
Cane toads, @Chip Withrow? Do you ever hear stories of local teenagers trying to lick them?

I'm pretty certain that early 70s red LED watches are going to make a comeback, any day now.

Did you know the word 'orchid' is Greek for testicles? True story.
The things you learn watching British murders mysteries...

Long drives give me the opportunity to sit 'n think, and I had a long drive to and from a couple of out-of-town gigs this weekend. So now I have two new lyric ideas.

I do long bike rides too, but rarely write songs doing that. Right now most of those rides are on bike/pedestrian trails, not in traffic. But my attention is maybe too focused on speed, breathing, other cyclists, pedestrians who might have strollers, etc.

I don't want to get in the car and burn a tank of gas just to write a song.

But at least I have a couple more things to work on now

@standup - I get lyric ideas on my drive to work, but it's a short one, less than 10 minutes usually. So when I park I sit in the car and put the ideas in my phone notes before I forget.

Today is the 14th anniversary of Hurricane Charley, a Category 4 storm that made landfall just north of here. We had lived in Florida less than 2 months. We've been here 14 years now, through a few more storms. I finally bought a generator this year for when power goes out during and after a big storm - we could have used one after Irma last September.
I'm going to take the generator out of the box, make sure it works, then hope it sits in storage for a while.
I just wrote a poem/lyric in Spanish about Charley. I'll set it to music today or tomorrow.

Best way to write lyrics: put the demo of the song on repeat while driving around, and sing to it at the top of your lungs. Smile

I just learned that my 2x great grandfather drank whiskey with gunpowder in it when he was an artillery soldier in the US Civil War. Crazy.

Shower is often where I get melodic ideas. No, this is not where "naked and unashamed" comes from however :P

Anyone else sleep deprived as hell?

Sometimes I feel like a nut. Sometimes I don't.

I didn't know where else to put this, and I didn't want to start a new thread. And that's what this thread is for, right?
I just passed a personal 50/90 milestone by posting my 32nd song. My first 50/90 was 2009, and on a Saturday morning in early September I wrote, recorded, and shared my 31st song. Then I settled down on the couch to watch college football.
About halftime, I wasn't feeling quite right. By later that afternoon, I had full-on flu. Turned out to be swine flu, and it knocked me out for two weeks.
I thought I had recovered after a few days, and I went back to my job as a school teacher. When I got home after one day back on the job, the flu raged again. So I went to a doctor, and he almost sent me to the ER. But I was able to keep some fluid down, so back home I went.
When I was totally better a few weeks later, there was still some 50/90 left, but I never got back into it. And so my first 50/90 is the only one in which I didn't reach 50 songs.

Congrats, @Chip Withrow!!

I have achieved 62% of my step goal for the day just cleaning the staircase.

That kid on the left in the picture looks really upset; "How could you do that to me, Mommy?!?"