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Is it just me or do the Forums seem quiet these days?
It's not even August yet.


I dug up last year's forum using the Wayback Machine. There were 21 posts in the last 2 days at this stage last year, compared to this year's 18.

But the threads tended to be a lot longer. There were more than twice as many FiniKu posted. We had a thriving random collab thread and a lyric corpse, neither of which have even started this year.

And what about (dare I mention it) Limericks?? I think we're all just holding our breath on that one...

I confess, I wanted to start the FiNimericks, or whatever they should be called, but I didn't have the courage. Smile

You go on in, I'll be right behind you, providing cover.

I also noticed July got really quiet much sooner than usual. It would be interesting to know who is still regularly engaged here going into August.

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All right, I started a Random collab thread: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/random-collaborations
Feel free to enlist!

Not sure about quieter forums, but the number of songs posted per day seems to be fairly stable at the moment. I've been going through the lists each day, rather than checking my favourite users or hashtags or zongs or whatever. Just open up the big ol' list of Songs, and listen to whatever I can until I hit the point where I left off the day before.

Anyway, it's been fairly consistently about 1 page of new songs per day. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less, and the first few days were more. But yeah - about 50 songs a day, I think it's been. Which, well... Seems fairly good to me! More songs than forum posts, maybe? Not a bad way to be. Smile

Actually, just checked and there's been about 1500 songs in 22 days. So about 70 songs per day. Better than I thought! And it's been fairly consistent, too. Smile

I confess I'm concentrating on songs rather than forums. Even Finiku is being left to languish. And I'm practising for joint gigs so between that and getting the songs out there's not much time for forums. Or chat room fro that matter. (Why I'm pushing the songs through so madly--I started late and there are going to be big bites out of the next two months also.)

I'm focusing on songs and comments, but I do read the forums. I like the idea @johnstaples has of an August check-in. I started a forum check-in last week for 1/5th of the way through (18 days) and I'll probably do another at 36 days.
I've never done the chat room - is that pretty lively? I don't know if I'd have interesting things to say in real time - I tend to overthink my forum posts.
Also, I just don't think I have anything to add to a lot of the forum threads. I don't have great advice to give about where to post music online, or how to record it, for example. And there's one about what new music you're listening to and another about current musical obsession - I have neither. (I do read a lot of those threads without posting, though.)
And it seems other people like those threads, and that's awesome. And I suppose I could start some threads of things that interest me. But I'm also having a super-fertile early 50/90 and I want to keep riding that wave - I have 4 finished songs to record, and 2 or 3 ideas brewing.
And, hey - this forum thread about how the forums aren't active seems to be pretty lively!

Really, this thread is for "random thoughts"; I just started by talking about slow Forums.
Discuss anything you'd like!

@Fuzzy - Yeah, that is the title of the thread! So in the interest of being random and of being more active in the forums ...
I just ate a Muenster cheese sandwich and I will be taking the dog for a walk shortly. And at 5 pm I'll be teaching an outdoor yoga class, even though it's 91 degrees now and probably won't cool off but a degree or two by 5. But that's what the students want.
I have already mentioned cheese in a song this 50/90 and written two yoga songs. And I feel a dog song coming on - on my walk, I bet some ideas will come. I'm thinking rockabilly.

50/90 is not dead. It's just pining for the chords

Or stunned, perhaps. Easily stunned.

Watching people at the beach often gives me ideas for songs not so much this year.

@standup - I got a song out of a beach run a couple of weeks ago.
I was just at our beach yesterday - Fort Myers Beach - and red tide/algae blooms aggravated us so we came home. Scratchy throats and watery eyes.
The red tide is somewhat naturally occurring, made worse by water releases from a huge lake and down a river to the Gulf. It has something to do with the draining of the Everglades to make way for houses, and a big industrial sugar business in mid-state.
I don't want to write a song about that, because it would make me sadder and madder than I am already.

My local beach is notorious for its dangerous surf conditions. It also has an outdoor shower. All day long, people are washing up on shore.

hey all... just checkin in here, .. had a little surgical procedure earlier in the week, but should be on the mend soon! (and yes, I'm ok)


I had to take some time off of 50/90 to finish up some non-music projects at home and at work Sad Also I felt kinda burned out from doing 11 songs in the first week. Hopefully FAWMstock this weekend will re-energize me to get to 50 this year - a feat I have never before seriously entertained.

it's been sooo hot today. too hot to record. now the weather has broken and feel ready to record but can't cos of all the thunder. (if it had been my first song i did (petrichor) it would have been quite apt but a rap about pigeons not so much)

@wobbie wobbit Maybe if they were evil villainous pigeons though?

@airbagtester haha, no not villainous, more scruffy-funk, i have posted it now, without thunder.


Random thought of the moment: If my experience of songs (my own and other people's) varies depending on my mood of the day and is completely unpredictable, does that mean musicians are really quantum mechanics experts in secret?

I sure hope so. Smile

Yup, our experience of music reveals just how malleable and subjective our experience of "reality" is.

Reality is so subjective. How do we not realize this???

Reality is okay sometimes for kicks. But don't let it get you down.

I've often thought it amusing and interesting that only one added (or subtracted) letter separates "realty" from "reality." In Florida, it seems like every third person is involved in the realty business. And our state is so weird. Must be a connection.
Also, on a related note, it's only a single letter swap from "meditation" to "medication." I'm about to go meditate, to go take my meditation. Very rarely do I skip my meditation, and when I do I can tell I didn't take my meditation.
One more random thought - saw a good PBS documentary about Janis Joplin last night. Two nights ago, watched one about Ted Williams. It's the American Masters series. Good stuff.

Why does it take a whole day to make excel export a CSV file with a blank first column? (I found my old password and finally got setlister up and running again! Only 6500 titles to re-import--my whole library of standards for restaurant etc gigs.)

@Chip Withrow

Maybe do a combo yoga/dairy song and call it.....


@Chip Withrow

I am of the same mind you are about realty/reality with dental/denial. I remember seeing a sign while walking in my Nashville neighborhood a score ago and misreading a sign with a particularly gruesome font as “denial office.” Not sure why that stuck with me 20 years later.

I’m usually far more active both in forums and song posting, and perhaps I will be again while recovering from surgery.

Random thought: I once put flan on a dessert menu as “instant caramel.”

How about a yoga/dairy song set in Mongolia and call it "Yoga-yurt"?

Time will get us eventually, but it also makes music possible.

For some people, time doesn't count and nor does their drummer.

My drummer will have nothing to do with this "time" that you're selling, sir! Good day to you!

Actually, I'm my own drummer. And I don't have a kit right now. Argh!

I need a drink... Or maybe I forgot to take my meditation last night? Smile

Plato probably got his name, which seems actually to be a nickname meaning "broad-shouldered," from his wrestling coach; it's sort of the ancient equivalent of calling Dwayne Johnson "The Rock." That makes Plato the earliest classic rock expositor.

Music 2

Here's my random - spent the day crying in my office at work. I wanted the empty GM spot but was told no...but we hired an outsider who has been unemployed for a year and I get to train her...to do the job I am not getting. I live and breath for my store. I am heartbroken and defeated. Makes me feel like everything I do is a huge waste of time...killing myself at work, writing all these songs that will never amount to anything....I left early and am home...crying. Stupid, right?

Today I tried to have a little play on all the real instruments in my studio. Oh my im still finding some. Ive manged a few guitars (accoustic and electric) a bass, banjo, banjolele, mandolin , tenor, concert and soprano ukes, keyboards, synthesisers. I have a balalaika to try, a glockenspiel, an accordion, lots of percussion and im sure more. Might now try a different instrument in each new song. I was inspired after this to put up a uke only song and then a guitar only song. What will i find next

[@dsweidel] - Nope, not stupid at all to feel the way you do. As for the "writing all these songs that will never amount to anything," I feel that way from time to time, too. I bet a lot of us do.
@coolparadiso - One way I keep myself interested in FAWM and 50/90 after all these years is to use all my instruments. For FAWM, this year I used 14 - a FAWM's worth of instruments. So far for 50/90 I've used just 3 (banjo, uke, guitar) but I'm planning on adding two new ones in the next couple days.

[@dsweidel], so sorry to hear you were passed over for the promotion. I can understand how upset you must be. You should seriously consider looking for that GM position at a competing store! Often the only way to get a better position, better salary, etc. is to leave! Shouldn't be that way but...

Regarding your songs, it can be pretty frustrating writing and hoping only to see little in the way of results. All I can say is keep doing that because you love it! You have already exceeded the challenge plus scored some collaborations! Your lyrics are really good so keep going and who knows...maybe you'll get to collaborate with someone famous tomorrow!

Good luck!!!

[@dsweidel], so sorry to hear that, retail life can really suck, I grew up in a retail family & totally understand, but your time will come. Meanwhile, just wondering, is the new GM a talented and incredibly prolific lyricist? Biggrin

Why didn't I understand at the time that I was selling the best guitar I ever owned? Message to younger self: stop being an idiot! Biggrin

Ultimately it's just stuff, @TomS, but I know what you mean; when I owned an antique store I would often think, "Man, that item was so cool, I wish I hadn't sold that" as its new owner was walking out the door.

@johnstaples thanks. I have resumes out and interviews scheduled. But I really love this company. And thank you on the compliment on my work. I've put a lot into it, as we all have.

@TomS I don't know if she is. Lol. I'll ask when I meet her Smile

Guitars are living beings! Smile

Then why don't you name them @TomS??? Wink

Because that's my name. Commas matter, @Adnama17!