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I enjoyed random collaborations a lot. @Fuzzy's thread http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/random-thoughts made me think of starting this one here.
If you would like to do a random collaboration, please put your name, and whether you would like to provide lyrics, realize music or whether you are able to do any.

First name provides lyrics, the second the music.
Please post your songs in this thread!

Let the games begin...
Random Collab Round 1:

1. @Cicpisces and @standup *32319
2. @crisp1 and @lowhum *32713
3. @kahlo2013 and @musicsongwriter *32722
4. [@dsweidel] and @metalfoot *33025
5. @acapellastutter and @Peter Arvidson
6. @bithprod and @sph *32764
7. @Stephen Wordsmith and @Adnama17
8. @Peter Arvidson and @sph *32635
9. @Adnama17 and @3tdoan *32847

Round 2

1. @coolparadiso and @3tdoan *33391
2. @Cicpisces and @metalfoot *33262
3. @kahlo2013 and @Adnama17 *33962
4. @bithprod and @Mt.Mélodie
5. [@dsweidel] and @sph *33568
6. @lowhum and @pearlmanhattan *33472
7. @the pannacotta army and @lowhum *33798

Round 3
Fresh from the lottery bowl:

1. @bithprod and @nateger
2. @pearlmanhattan and @sph *35060
3. @crisp1 and @marvsmooth
4. @kahlo2013 and @metalfoot *34732
5. @Cicpisces and @sph *34433

Finally the random collab challenge Smile
Count me in for lyrics.

I'd be in for lyrics

I'm in for both!

Count me in for a lyric and a music. Smile

I can do either, count me in!

I'm in for lyrics.

In the spirit of new discoveries, I would ask you pair me with someone I haven't worked with before. No such person has yet signed up, but I'll edit this post to notify if one does.

I'm willing to give this a go, though, in the sense of fair warning, I'm out of commission musically until after August 8.
Can do either music or lyrics.

Music or lyrics please. Thank you for the opportunity.

i'm in for lyrics!

Lyrics, please. I need a kick in the butt to get this thing started.

Lyrics please! Could try music if needed but would be best on lyrics!

I'll do either.

I'd love to do lyrics if it's not too late.

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Never too late Doug Smile

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OK. Random Collab round 1:

First name provides lyrics, the second the music.
1. @Cicpisces and @standup
2. @crisp1 and @lowhum
3. @kahlo2013 and @musicsongwriter
4. [@dsweidel] and @metalfoot
5. @acapellastutter and @Peter Arvidson
6. @bithprod and @sph
7. @Stephen Wordsmith and @Adnama17

Since we had 7 people wanting to provide lyrics and 6 that wanted to provide either I draw one from those six for lyrics and will do the music. I hope this is ok with you Smile
8. @Peter Arvidson and @sph

Please post your songs in this thread!

Hahaha! You don't know how funny that is...

I’m so glad someone has time to devote to the mechanics of pairing people up. I myself had time in February but due to health concerns did not want to commit to it this time. Maybe later in the summer I’ll sign up for lyrics in a random collab. I have loved writing lyrics to an idea my partner gives me, the last few times I did that. I flaked on my last random collab in February. I apologize, but my computer updated and messed up my DAW. Hope to get more involved after my surgery. As always, keep having fun!

Howdy do @sph! @Stephen Wordsmith and I already have something in the pipeline. Can we cash in a switch-a-roo?

Oops. Misread the post; disregard.

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Yes sure, please do so. @Stephen Wordsmith and @Adnama17 can you ask some of the other participants and get back to me with your new partners in crime? I'm already working on a lyric by @Peter Arvidson.

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Here's my first fruit of the random collab tree this year:
http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/32635 with lyrics by @Peter Arvidson

I have never collab'd but hey there's always a first time right? Put me down for music.

Hey @3tdoan! I'll write some lyrics for ya! Looking to switch since @Stephen Wordsmith and I already have something going. What do you think?

Late to the party but if anyone needs lyrics happy to provide. Ive got a backlog not put up that need a finishing touch, which i can do easily. Or can write to order.

Sure @Adnama17, hit me up!

Sent you a PM @3tdoan!

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Very nice, @Adnama17 and @3tdoan - I'll add you in the starting post.
@coolparadiso: I'll add you to the pool for a second round.

Round 2, music or lyrics. Please.

I need a kick - put me down for music or lyrics will you please? Cheers

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As you wish, @the pannacotta army

This is what came out from our collab with @crisp1
I would be glad to do another round with both music/lyrics.


Okay one fine collab done.

Put me down for another.

Round 2 lyrics!

Round 1 I have done lyrics and Nadia has done gorgeous piano music - we now need a vocalist! Please let us know if you are interested! Here are the lyrics:


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Here's @bithprod's and my attempt of an after hours song: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/32764

I'm in for Round 2.

Submitted to fulfil all righteousness for Random Collab, round 1:
We Broke Up (*33025)
[@dsweidel] suggested I use this lyric she'd already written for our random collab pairing. So I did.

Would like to sign up for round 2 of Random Collab, either or.

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Ok, on wednesday I will draw the new pairings. @Adnama17 and @Stephen Wordsmith - is it ok to add you once more? I'll try to prevent a further pairing of you Smile

If there is a round 2 I up for doing music.

I am up for lyrics again - round 2.

Sure deal for me! I'm up for either. Smile

Down for music again! Fun working with you @Adnama17.

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Here are the results for round 2:

We have 6 entries for lyrics, 4 for music and 4 for either. First thing I did was drawing one ticket from the "either" bowl and put it into the lyrics bowl. This makes for seven pairings.

1. @coolparadiso and @3tdoan
2. @Cicpisces and @metalfoot
3. @kahlo2013 and @Adnama17
4. @bithprod and @Mt.Mélodie
5. [@dsweidel] and @sph
6. @lowhum and @pearlmanhattan
7. @the pannacotta army and @lowhum

I hope everyone is happy and thrilled. Have fun! Please tell me if we need to swap participants.
PS: Post your songs with the tag "randomcollab"

Round 2 is completed for us: *33262

Boom, a rebel song *33391

I don't mind having a go at one of these Smile

Here is our collab with @pearlmanhattan:

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Old timey sort of jazzy thing with [@dsweidel] *33568

Here's a collab with @lowhum