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I will do lyrics this time. I am having some dental work done next week, and will be away from my singing for a week, but I can do lyrics.

i skipped a week pairing folks up, because there was a very low sign-up rate. bumping this up to keep it current among the skirmish posts!

let me know-- would you rather do lyrics, music, or either, in a random pairing?

Lyrics preferred.

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music please.

forgot to post my collabs in this thread;
here's round two with @PeterArvidson http://www.fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/49876
here's round four with @EdwardRoussac http://www.fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/50679

I would love to do another one - lyrics would be great!

I'll give the tin another shake (lyrics) Smile

And @kenmattsson and me: *50771

Glad to jump in again for either!

I'm in for another round on lyrics and vocals!


thanks for the outpouring of participation! i should get the list together on sunday. continue to post what part you are most comfortable with in a random collaboration-- lyrics, music, or either.

watch this space!

I'm ready for another round. Lyrics please Smile

Either again please!

Seeing as I'm getting behind again, I can be in for music again.

I could also topline, which is to write lyrics and melody, if a producer or instrumentalist sends me a musical track to work on. But I hate writing pure lyrics as the first step. And that's probably too complicated to match me with, so that's why I just say music.

My collab with @tsunamidaily

This was so fun. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/50906

I can do this again….either lyrics or music.

Hello! I'd like to try this out! I'm always a bit nervous about collaborating with people but want to get over it. I'm comfortable with both - and happy to collaborate with somebody on both music and lyrics if they'd like


Lyrics please

ok! pairing was easy this time. just paired the lyrics people with the music/either people in the order y'all signed up and it didn't duplicate any previous pairings!
at least i hope so-- if i incorrectly paired someone up again, let me know.


@LyricSlinger with @dzd
@coolparadiso with @Amanda Rose Riley
@Mandolinda with @metalfoot
@kahlo with @Edward Roussac
@geoff61 with @AndyGetch
@chrismyth02 with @colgoo
@AndreaB with @Dominic Johnson

contact me if i accidentally duplicated a pairing from before or double-assigned you.
also post a note if your partner falls through. .we can see if someone else could pair with you and work it out

have fun, and get with your partner to work out how y'all want to do it.

and as always, leave your preference for lyrics, music, or either in a post below if you want to be included in the next round.

my collab with @colgoo turned out even better than I'd hoped! https://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/51282

It was so awesome working with you….so glad we got paired!

ok. i skipped this week on the random pairings, as the sign-up lagged-- perhaps we all needed a break? i myself am dealing with a general lack of energy. seems my diabetes, though still not to the degree it requires insulin, has allowed the common yeast organism to establish a beach head, and i have been taking fluconazole on and off the entirety of 50/90, oftentimes for 5 weeks at a time. there is no need to discuss the various symptoms, but my tongue is already raw from thrush again and now i wait until november 3 to see an infectious disease expert.
so if i seem to be slacking on my comments, i am, as well as realizing lyrics and tunes i hear.
all of that is not to garner sympathy, but as an explanation for my somewhat peripheral appearance on the website. i'm playing mainly cello and upright bass, along with a bit of bouzouki and bodhran, so i'm not sure what the result would be anyway!

so, if you would like to be paired up again in this random collaboration challenge, which has become my passion, post your preference for lyrics, music, or either, and we will continue this journey through to the end. i will keep it up as long as there's interest, even with our looming deadline.

and keep posting the friuts of your collective labors-- i intend to go back and listen to each and every one when i'm not quite so dyspeptic.

thanks for coming to my TED talk!

OK. One more random collab for me, and as always, I can do either.

Yup I’m in - prefer lyrics but if its uneven i am able to swap. If i get drawn with Amanda Rose Riley for the 4th time we might have to sign a contract Smile ha ha. Thx for doing this it really been enjoyable.

Yes, I am in for this again. This time I would prefer music. Thank you so much for organizing.

I’m in lyrics please!

I prefer to do music again Smile

@coolparadiso just to clarify we were technically only paired up twice on here, as the first time we collabed on our own when you responded to my thread!

I’m game for either side of a collab…I’ve already done two songs with @kahlo, so keep that in mind when choosing pairs.

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Hi y'all, I still exist but was away from the site, both physically and mentally. I would like to do music.

Ah yes I forgot that, yup the first collab was in response to you asking for collaborators! Got plenty more for you.

Here is my random collaboration with @Edward Roussac

I can do lyrics again

ok. it is sunday, which is the day i match the random pairs. unique among the pairings (this is the 7th), the two who checked the "either" box are paired together, they have the ultimate freedom in division of labor. without further ado:


@coolparadiso with @sph
@kahlo with @Amanda Rose Riley
@geoff61 with @Mandolinda
@metalfoot and @colgoo

contact me if i accidentally duplicated a pairing from before or double-assigned you. sorry to those who were paired more than once in previous rounds. perhaps it is kismet and you were meant to collaborate on an album together....
also post a note if your partner falls through. we can see if someone else could pair with you and work it out

have fun, and get with your partner to work out how y'all want to do it.

and as always, leave your preference for lyrics, music, or either in a post below if you want to be included in one last round, though this time you would have only four days to post your result, unless y'all put up a place saver to have more time to work on it.

let me post this now before i "slip into unconscious yes' yet again on this sunday, day of slumber.

A week plus late, apologies and the delay is completely on me. Here is the @geoff61 lyrics and me putting it to music collaboration: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/51744

@geoff61 with @Mandolinda Latest random collaboration
I had a wonderful lyric to work with here. Enjoyed this collaboration.

I'm down for one last collab after this one! (Music)

I'm up for one more mosey around the old corral (lyrics) Smile

this one's easy!

@geoff61 with @Amanda Rose Riley

should you choose to accept this mission, y'all have about 4 days to complete your collaboration or file a place saver.

best of luck! i understand y'all have been paired before, but you were the two who signed up for the last possible pairing.

i've had a blast running this. i haven't commented on any, but i have listened to a few. i'll likely go through them all when things settle down for me.

this post will auto-destruct in 3, 2,1....

Dom and I have managed to get our song completed before the end of 50/90. Hope you like it : http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/52249

Here is the collab that Alex (@metalfoot) and I wrote together…it was super cool to schedule a Zoom and write as a team.


Remember us? From the 2nd round of collab pairings? Well, we finally made it!!! <3
@K.C. and @Adnama17


I did manage to get my last two collabs done! *52199 with @kahlo and *52380 with @geoff61