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My first 2 random pairings were terrific experiences, So on to number 3 please. Music for me again.

ok. our current ratio of those who would do music to those who would do lyrics is 2:1! and no-one said they could do either/both.
is there anyone currently signed up for music that could do either? i'm just wondering. i've been getting this list together every sunday, my first day off of the week. i laid out the first week myself to even up the ratio, and we were dead even the second week.

@cindyrella, @Cicpisces, @kahlo, @LyricSlinger, @Adnama17, @geoff61, @AndreaB-- are any of you interested in participating again?

I can do either. If you really need a bunch of lyricists, I could do 2 if needed.

I can write lyrics too, they may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

thank you, @cblack and @Mandolinda. i have flipped to music in the past regularly in the past to even up the roster, but that wouldn't help here. the lists are now even, if i assign lyrics to you two, and i will work out the random pairings a bit later today.

I can do anything if you still need someone.

Here’s a song from me & @Adnama17 from Round 1: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/49451

ok. i had duplicated some names in the list, so i am odd man out this time again. easy peasey.


@Stephen Wordsmith with @metalfoot
@coolparadiso with @Amanda Rose Riley
@Amanda West with @davidtaro
@cblack with @Hypnotist
@Mandolinda with @Edward Roussac

anyone interested in the next round, post below.

I was out of town and am just now seeing this. I'm down for either this time if someone still needs a hook up, erm, partner! Smile

Lyrics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gave Nadia (@musicsongwriter) my lyric so hopefully we can post it up here soon. I will be up for the next round too as a lyricist again of course.

Happy to play again, can do either music or lyrics.

Okay, I'll join on. I've got about 3 sets of lyrics to set to music already, so I'd like to try lyrics if I could.

Music for me for the next round. If you need more lyricists again, I'll do lyrics.

I'm only really interested in collaborating with lyricists atm, but I've done a lot of collabs here and outside the thread already, so happy to do the next round (music) but it's okay if you have to leave me out if it's an odd number or too many musicians.

Is it too lat to jump in for Lyrics?


Missed the update about Round 3 but if anyone is looking for a lyrics partner, then I'd love to take part

anyone who wants to participate next time, let me know. i've been putting the list together every sunday, which is my first day off work.
just remember to state, lyrics, music, or either.

I'll do lyrics if needed!


Please add me to your next round of collabs. I will do either side, music or lyrics.

The song is done (collab with @musicsongwriter and @katestantonsings), to be posted soon.

Yes, as soon as I'm back home I'll post our collaboration. Thank you Geff and Kate.

Did I say I was in for either?

Here is my random collaboration with Geoff, with a great help from Kate:
Thank you, my collaborators, and thank you for this beautiful opportunity.

Lyrics preferably but music if really needed.

in for lyrics/vocals again!

I'm happy to go either way for the next round.

Either for me.

ok. yesterday was a mess-- got the dog back from the vet, then i had to go to bed early in order to take my dad to birmingham for a doctor's appointment this morning.
so i apologize that this is posted a day late from usual.

@Amanda West with @cblack
@geoff61 with @Amanda Rose Riley
@kenmattsson with @metalfoot
@K.C. with @Adnama17
@LyricSlinger with @AndyGetch
@coolparadiso with @Mandolinda
@chrismyth02 with @Edward Roussac

contact me if i accidentally duplicated a pairing or double-assigned you.
also contact me if your partner falls through. there were not enough people to pair me with anyone, so i can do either if your pairing doesn't materialize somehow.

have fun, and get with your partner to work out how y'all want to do it.

as always, leave your preference for lyrics, music, or either in a post below if you want to be included in the next round.

I would like to be included for lyrics when there is room. Thanks

@tsunamidaily Thank you for doing these continuous pairings! And sorry that your luck seems to be that there's always an even number when you go to count them... I'm down for an extra collab this week if you want to send me some lyrics, but it's up to you!

Here is my collaboration with @coolparadiso

thx for doing these i'm in for anymore preferably lyrics, i have collabed this time with a few people i have never collabed with before so its great

I forgot to share my latest from the last round with @coolparadiso too: *49863

I'm interested if this is the latest thread - happy to try music or lyrics. Really enjoyed my first pairing.

If you go for more ahead put me in for either!

Mosaics, my pairing with amanda-rose-riley http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/50027

Here's the @sunnymae and @coolparadiso collab! He wrote these super cool and provocative lyrics that I loved writing the music to.

Up up for another go, lyrics again Smile

Here is finally our collab with @kahlo - it is a kind of 10x10 thing with famous art masterpieces and video:

PS: you also better prepare headphones for better sonic experience

Oops! Missed rounds one and two…..But I am a chameleon. I am happy to write the lyrics or do the music (very simple arrangements, obviously!). Pair me up wherever I fit best.

Here's the collaboration with me and @Mandolinda: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/50172. I think she did a lovely job of it!

ok-- it's crazy that we are up to the fifth pairing already!

@AndreaB with @Amanda Rose Riley
@coolparadiso with @Hypnotist
@geoff61 with @lowhum
@tsunamidaily with @colgoo

contact me if i accidentally duplicated a pairing from before or double-assigned you.
also post a note if your partner falls through. .we can see if someone else could pair with you and work it out

have fun, and get with your partner to work out how y'all want to do it.

and as always, leave your preference for lyrics, music, or either in a post below if you want to be included in the next round.

I always seem to forget to check on the deadlines for signing up for these collabs. But if any musician fancies working on a song, then I'd be happy to do lyrics again

I forgot to post the last round random collaboration between @LyricSlinger and I *50190

@LyricSlinger-- no worries on getting in on the next round. so far, i've done a pairing a week, though i will need quite an influx of participants to get one together this sunday---

anybody want to put their hat in the ring for the next pairing? lyrics, music, or either....

Always in. Lyrics preferably