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Has anyone started a random collab challenge, wherein you are randomly paired up with someone to collaborate with? If it's somewhere else already, can someone point me that way. If not, I guess I'll start one for those who wanna? It's tons of fun. Just ask my random new friend from FAWM 2017, @Amanda West. Smile

Tag your songs #randomcollab .

i'm game, but would like to do lyrics if possible.

In for lyrics.

I could do music

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I could do music

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I can do both.

Music or lyrics. Didn't do random collaboration for a long time, will be nice to try again Smile

I do what you want me to do

Fun! I'll match everyone up in a couple days to give others a chance to hop in. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

I'm in!
Can do music and lyrics

I'll try.

I can do music perhaps, or lyrics. Either one you know.

I'll do some music, @Adnama17 !!

Bumping this too the top. I'll pair everyone up this weekend. Get on the list STAT!

In for music (or lyrics to existing music, but not lyrics first. I can't do that)

I'd like to be included. Writing the words, please.

i'll take the plunge. Music preferably but can do lyrics too.
(please note I'm out of action 17th - 22nd July)

If not too late, lyrics music or sitting back having a beer saying Well Done You

haha, I'll do hook, line, or plinker.

Sunday morning, PST. Stay tuned!

I'm in please !!! I can do lyrics only Smile

The husband randomly drew names out of a hat to match you all up. HAVE FUN! Make sure to tag your post with #randomcollab !!! Smile

1. lyrics: @the pannacotta army, music: @cts
2. lyrics: @Amanda West, music: @musicsongwriter
3. lyrics: @Stephen Wordsmith, music: @Adnama17
4. lyrics: @b00n, music: @Barry Goldman
5. lyrics: @artyredsocks; music: @helen
6. lyrics: @Acousticmaddie, music: @michaelwhitemusic
7. lyrics: @tsunamidaily, music: @sph
8. lyrics: @tiller2, music: @izaak

If you'd like to move things around, let me know. I see, for example, that @Acousticmaddie and @michaelwhitemusic have already done a collaboration. Smile

Thank you @Adnama17 Smile

For me its fine! Depends on @michaelwhitemusic

Lyrics if there is a spot open! Thanks!

Oh, I'm too late. Sad I'd really like to join in if there's still a musician willing to sprinkle some magic on my musings.

I'm late to the game, too. Are you going to start a new list of match-ups? I can do both, but definitely prefer writing lyrics (as my production skills are less advanced than most of the musicians here).

I will definitely do another match up. However, the three of you that were late to the party are all lyricists. Smile Rangle some folk that want the other side and we'll do it!

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I'll do another round of music. Count me in.

I can do Both so IF someone want I am in

I'd love to do another one please Smile Lyrics only here Smile

Let's see if lightning can strike twice

If a lyricist needs a musical partner I'm in. If not, then I'm still out. I've got a lot on the plate, so I don't want to overload the to do list (more than I already have.)

If anyone still needs a musical partner, I'd be down. Just demoed my one for @Acousticmaddie and am fired up! Are we supposed to post collaborations here?

Yes sir! Tag it #randomcollab . Smile

How many are up for secon round then?

I would love to be in 2nd round! Lyrics!