Racked by Listening Guilt

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I'm overcome by guilt because I'm not listening or commenting at all, at all. Intellectually, I know I shouldn't be. Emotioonally, and on past efforts, that's another thing... There are reasons: I have less than 12 days left for my 5090, there are still 3? 4? collabs I haven't done, I'm trying to ram new stuff out etc etc, and there are a whole slew of demands on my time getting in the way. I guess this is a sort of apology/mea culpa or something similarly useless, because I KNOW that comments along the way are priceless compared with "I'll wait till the end when everyone's gone home and then I'll comment" approach...but it looks like there won't be much comment or communication for now. Sigh

Yeah I haven't had much 50/90 time this year either. But comments received are proportionally down too so it kinda evens out. I lose my motivation/interest once the smoke clears after the first week and it settles down to a very small group. I'm really not "racked by listening guilt" though! Biggrin

I never listen to my guilt. Too much of it. It’d drown out everything else.

If anyone 'owes' me comments, know this: I don't keep tabs on them. So no need to be guilty on my account. Likewise, if I owe you comments-- I try to get around to listen to stuff by everyone who comments on my stuff, but if I miss you, it's nothing personal. Just a forgetful lapse on my part. Cheers to all of you who make music and listen!

Y’all are excellent commentators and you’ve done your share. Don’t feel guilty. Smile

No need to worry, @metalfoot, you've given more than 600 comments!
You've done more than your fair share of listening!

When it comes to giving comments, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth. Keeping accounts is the path to unhappiness, in my view. That said, comments are the fuel that keeps this place moving. It's been years since I've been bothered by a lack of reciprocity, but I do sometimes wonder why some active fawmers don't seem to comment much. If it weren't for the vanguard of the Century Club, this place would probably go into a death spiral, with fewer comments begetting even fewer comments, leading to decreased motivation all around. My goal is always to listen to about 3-4 songs a day, on average. I don't understand how the elite commenters manage to listen to several time more than that. Kudos, though!

I remember the time before the century club and I remember the hoopla over the century club. I participate in it, but I'm not sure how much it motivates me to listen. It definitely helps when I'm close to the next level, but I was listening a ton anyway. I love discovering new music via Fawm and 50/90.

Hey man, your info about how to properly post on this site and also your insight for mixing were clutch! Good luck with the collabs and home stretch!

My summer has been especially hard, my writing shows what my lack of commenting backs up. When I have a few moments to myself, I usually spend it in silence, because my days are filled with noises from my son's electronics ...and video games and TV ...and I can't think. I listen when i can, and apologies to those who may be upset at my lack of commenting.