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When I try to register an account for the Rocktober website, it just redirects to the 50/90 site and sends me an email saying "Thanks for joining 50/90!" So how to sign up for Rocktober without stuff like this happening?
About links for covers; can we host them anywhere? Also, if we are covering songs by established artists, will we run into copyright problems?

i'll try to answer your questions but you might have to contact the site admins if you can't log on

In the email you received further down the email is has a link to log in

This is a one-time login, so it can be used only once.
After logging in, you will be redirected to
to a profile page so you can change your password.

To answer your questions about copyright,
i wasn't sure about putting covers onto soundcloud
so i have just put my song onto youtube as i know there won't be a problem with copyright as everyone does covers on there.

WRT copyright - before anything hugely bad happens, you would receive a notice to "cease and desist". At that point, you'd be best to remove your cover from whatever platform you have it on, but it's unlikely to happen unless you start making money from it.