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For my concept album about my life over these 90 days, I'm thinking of writing a progressive rock song "The End of it All" that name-drops the remaining 49 songs on the album and goes for about twenty minutes in length. Given the length, the song will probably also use heavy improvisation.
My question is, would it be better to do the song in a solitary arrangement (solo piano and vocal, since most of the time that's all I've got to work with), or would a band context work better?

Personal opinion, but I prefer a band situation as you can you trade off on highlighted instruments. However, I'm sure that a single instrument could work. I wonder how easy it would be to keep the listeners attention, though.

If not familiar with Jethro Tull look into his albums... even, imo, the Who.

How ever done, if that artistic "something" is there, then, it's there. Do it and get feedback if not personally satisfied.

And then, there are the classics, the symphony structure. Coursera dot com the "free" online education course "dump" has a couple of online courses that engage "classic" structure, if interested after all of this. I've vetted many and in the present time, have not found any a waste of time, so to speak (old hard feelings about those courses don't seem to apply as much currently, --typically involving grading and online forum engagement).

With a song that long, I imagine you would need various tempo and style changes to keep someone's interest, but I could be wrong. I grabbed your first 8 song titles just to see if that is something similar to what you were thinking... or at least it gives you one idea out of many possibilities:
I set out on a quest, 50 steps from the height
The first step I took... was ASLEEP IN THE NIGHT
I started out strong, and continued to play
My very next step... played IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY
Took a break - had some tea – when I emptied my cup
I added another... which I called WAKE UP
And what could be worse, than a song with just verse
For that would eventually bore us…
So here for your ears is a chorus...
I tried hard to FAKE IT, when DAWN breaks, you take it
And play till you take a LUNCH BREAK…
If you LISTEN TO ME – let the songs set you free
Life – IT DON”T LAST FOREVER..... or so people say…

LOL - I see you already posted your song, before I was typing my comments above... I'm off to see how it all worked out.

Life has a tendency to work out... eventually! Lol