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On my song "Welcome to the Show", which is on my concept album about my life over the 90 days, the song is about the Wizard of Oz and musically quotes several songs from there.
My question is, if I tried to make money off this song (specifically putting it on Bandcamp), would I get in any copyright problems and therefore have to record a new version of the track without the quotes?

Is it sampling or just using a line from a song? Sampling is complicated. Using a line from a song is pretty straightforward. From what I've read, you shouldn't have much to worry about unless it's more than a line or so from each song.

I would say the latter, but strictly speaking the song quotes from other songs *musically*, not lyrically. For example, in one section the chords and rhythm are briefly borrowed from another song.
Here is the link so you can hear the song itself. I've noted the songs I've quoted from.

Go to and look up "fair use". Also if you ask there, that's the source. And, when you do your CR registration, well, that's what they do, or used to do... check. If you get rejected, they will tell you why. I've never been rejected and always do my research first. Common knowledge precludes anyone from CRing the 1 4 5 progression, Melody. However, how you use it, it's original value, uniqueness is protected. A public figure, song, literary work can be satired, quoted, referenced via fair use and our First Amendment. However it does not give you the right to infringe on them, their rights, same as yours. So, tread lightly, wisely, "fairly", intelligently. Also, Titles can't be CR'd. I can write a book named gone with the wind, or a song named lady madonna, but it, of course, can't be theirs in any other way.