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So, I've heard some fabulous songs come out of this challenge the past couple of years, so I thought I would throw it out there again.

Please post a link to your completed songs here so we can listen to and comment on them.

Take a poem that is in the public domain (copyright free/expired) and collaborate with the dead poet by adding music to their lyrics. I have done this with T.S. Elliot's "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and a 16th century nun named Juana Inez de la Cruz "I Can't Hold You and I Can't Leave You".

With a longer poem, you can edit out stanzas to focus on a certain message, but do not add your own words. With a shorter poem, you can pick a stanza or line for a chorus and repeat it. But, try to stick to the original poem's message and create music that reinforces how this poem speaks to you.

I've done this a few times.. well quite a few, I guess. More recently i set a sonnet by Shakespeare to a hard rock groove. I also found a song from the past year which was a lyric from a traditional song and put a new musical accompaniment to it. Which I enjoyed. So I think I'll be likely to do this again.

Tag your songs "public domain"

Think I will finally do The Cremation of Sam McGee - been dying to set that one to music since 1974 LOL

This sounds like fun. Does anyone have a link to where you can find public domain poetry to choose from?

Thanks @johnstaples

Will probably do this several times, since I often struggle with writing lyrics

I did this for FAWM this year, where I took like four stanzas out of the middle of a mile-long poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson and turned them into a punk song. Here is the song and here is the poem, which is literally 90 pages

This sounds interesting. I'll give it a go. Smile

Thanks, John!

Here is my offering! Get out your tissues.

I've been experimenting with improvising melodies to known lyrics, so that was fun:

Here's mine! Tired by Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1883):

The origins of this song are sketchy... -- so could've been a poem? Possibly was "chant" if it was the "monks" who authored it...? no-one-nos Crazy

Here's mine - "Cradle Song" by Alfred Lord Tennyson:

Finally got around to this challenge. Mine is based on a poem from 1640 by Thomas Carew entitled 'Mediocrity in Love Rejected'

Poem by George Herbert - The Agonie. Music by me.

Poem by John Donne - "A Hymn To God The Father". *34035

Yeats...Crazy Jane...
Yeats...When You Are Old...
Keats...When I Have Fears That I Will Cease to Be...
Donne...Love's Deity...
Byron,,,So We'll No More Go a -Roving

Here is a short one, one of my favorite poems:

A couple just now:

The Lover Mourns by W.B. Yeats

The Song Of The Old Mother by W.B. Yeats

To An Isle In The Water by W.B. Yeats

The Falling Of The Leaves

My take would benefit from a better singing part of course but here goes

Shakespeare... from my favorite play, Much Ado About Nothing.

I found a source for extremely short public domain poems - old greeting cards!

Hallowe'en Greetings

Here's my take on a beautiful poem by Amy Levy

Add the link when you have a chance!

My humble contribution. Edgar Allan Poe's Eldorado meets second-rate Tom Jones: