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Hello. So on my FAWM profile, I have some songs that are "unfinished" (i.e. some songs do indeed have music and lyrics written for them, but no vocals have been recorded, while one of my songs has music but no lyrics).
Well, I'm thinking of re-posting some of those songs and using them for 50/90, since they're technically unfinished works. In other words, I want to use part of this challenge as an excuse to get these songs completed.
Is it against the rules to do so?

I feel like the rules here are more like guidelines. In fact, I think there's an entire thread about bending the rules. I think it's probably technically "against the rules," but most of us have done something similar. The net result is more songs in the world, and that is the whole point of 50/90, so I say go for it!

I believe the moderators have stated that if you think it should be included then include it. But I would make sure that the liner notes clearly state what type of previous material you have used. I feel that being clear up front would go a long way in heading off problems.

Here is what the FAQ says:

I really can't start until July 4th?

You must wait until July 4th (your local time) to start writing. If you have a lonesome hook or idea you've been wanting to work out for months, it's OK to finally structure a song around it. Or, if you're planning a concept album it's OK to start doing research. Just don't take any old song and say you wrote it during 50/90. !!!!

And here is what the Etiquette page says:

If you feel a 50/90er has “cheated” (posting covers, recycling old songs, etc.), don't make a scene. Maybe it is against the ethos of FAWM/5090 (maybe not?), but that does not undermine your own achievements!

I've done just what you've described in past FAWMs. I think I mentioned that I had previously recorded tracks, but hadn't finished the song. I certainly wouldn't have a problem with your doing that. Smile

For me, my experience, -- so long as you are engaging this "place" seriously, that's what folks who will engage you anyway, --will care about. Example... I had prior songs, not done, then had revised one an entirely different direction from an original one-take demo, -- it had a great feel as first demo, but not as "produced" and other changes in the revised version. I asked folks, -- which? Knowing I'm here for work and give and take, and give comprehensive, explained feedback, -- I got relevant, usable feedback.
-- IMO, you only need a few folks for meaningful feedback, but, it's a two way street Music 2

Develop your "WatchList" for meaningful feedback, -- you'll get allot back and it will change every year evolving with your work.