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Is it possible to post images to threads in the forum? 'm sure I've seen it done either in FAWM or here.

Thanks! Smile


Doesn't seem to work here but it does at FAWM.

It'd be neat if we could.

It'd be so neat if we could.

The img src tag doesn't seem to work either

Well, links to pictures is pretty good anyway.

Ask and you shall receive. Smile

Be good though and please report any problems


Anyone know how we post pics?
I dropped a link in there and it just shows the link and not the picture, if you know what I mean.

Like this;

BTW - I turned off the img tag temporarily, as we were having site issues and I wanted to be sure it wasn't something weird with an image causing the problem. I may turn it back in the near future, once I'm confident everything's working correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience.