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Most of you know that I proudly use Band-in-a-Box on most of my demo recordings. I would love to hear what others are doing with this wonderful product. Please post links to your BIAB Demos here!

My first song for 50/90 - tracks by Band in a Box Smile

I just got BiaB and will be trying it out next week. Hopefully I'll be back here to post something good. Smile

@pearlmanhattan Simply wonderful! Loved every minute.

Wonderful Val. I look forward to hearing it.

Hey Joanne! I have 3 BIAB songs so far.

Cruel Cruel Heart -

Caffiene -

Perspective -

Thanks for posting no @krazie003. Especially like the Elvis sound alike. Hope it gets a forward.

Thanks @JoanneCooper. It's in final selection right now. Fingers crossed.

Awesome demo with @Valerie Cox and Band in a Box - I think she has this software down, don't you?

Now that’s what I’m talking about val and liz! I can’t believe that you have only just started with BIAB. Great work!

For any Band-in-a-Box users who may be interested. I have just written a blog post on how I produce my vocals using RealBand. It is here

Very much a beginners BiaB, a couple of glitches in the recording too, but it is 50/90. Smile

Hi, BIAB looks like it might be just what I need for getting multitracks (and improved musicianship) on my demos. I see the product is available in different levels / features. Can I get some comments from users on the utility of the different packages? Is the base pack ok, or will I soon feel it is not enough? What are the different features of the more expensive packs that you like the best? Thanks for your opinions. Feel free to reach me through the contact button if you prefer.

@MarkG I am an absolute beginner and bought the basic version, it's enough for me and if I get hooked I can always upgrade.

I bought the basic Biab2016? I think, and it has done fine for me. The extra packs give more instruments and "styles", but I make my own band by selecting instruments I like, and the basic set has enough for decent backing tracks. I make my tracks then import them to my DAW and do my mixing, effects, record vocals, and everything. Joanne mentioned she has a course and I recommend checking it out as you canget a good feel for it in the videos. What set you buy is determined by how complex you want to compose. Upgrading is very easy. Also, the biab forums at PG music are very informative.

Updated "Will you let me in" with a demo - from BIAB!!

@zxcvbnm very nice! A sweet song. Keep at it!

@markg for me the beauty and strength of BIAB is the styles. I use many of them from all sorts of genres (even though I generally do better with county and folk). My advice (and also the advice I received when I first started with biab) is to buy the most you can afford. I have the one with all the styles and realtracks. I think it is the everything pack or the ultra pack. If you are going to get creative with your songwriting then having all the styles is a huge leap forward. Hope this helps.

@pearlmanhatten really nice song. Well done!

I am finally installing BIAB 2017 on my new computer (from January!). Maybe I'll get around to using it.

Thanks. And your video was an excellent intro to the program's ease and capabilities.

@MarkG I started using BIAB last fall. I got a free copy of an older version that didn't have any realtracks from a friend. I bought one of the country real track packs and used that to produce an album of music that I put out in December. Afterwards I bought the full 2018 version plus the extra styles packs and the possibilities are endless to what I can create.

As far as what version you should get it really depends what your goals are. If you want to work with many different styles of music the full version is deffinitely the best choice. Or you could always get the basic version and upgrade later if you feel the need. Usually PG Music runs specials when the new version comes out in December and you can upgrade for about half price.

Hope this helps.

Here's one I did as collaboration with @cindyrella

This is an experiment I did combining Band in a Box with a dubstep beat from Ignite by AIR technologies. It came out sounding pretty cool.

I don't know if this really qualifies as a BIAB piece but I used BIAB to creat the piano sample for this new song.

I will post a track when i get a chance. Ironically its all the usual suspects above who got me into it. Firstly it was Krayzie2003. We did a collab in FAWM and i couldnt believe how quick he put together music for a song called Slow Motion. Then it was only thx to JoanneCooper and her videos i had a clue how to get going. Im now pretty wizzy with it. I use is for some interesting things. Sometimes i want to write a song i just play afew i like and look what are the chord progressions and may juat do the song out of BIAB, I also import lots of sound effects and files from everywhere into BIAB. I also have some dump songs in real band - i created a few songs in real band and when i have a musical idea like a riff or a solo i just play and record it as a track in the dump song so its there if i ever need it. I use Real Band for almost all my recordings i think unlike some including Krayzie. So ive found one i started a BIAB style added external bits then finished it in Real Band.

Okay I am posting for my collaborator @Valerie Cox who did an awesome demo using BiaB for a song for a genre that she never did music for before - and I think this sounds great!

BiaB XTRA Styles currently on special. About 800 extra styles for $119. Any expert advice as to whether or not this is a good deal? Thanks

@zxcvbnm personally I love the extra styles and have purchased every one since they started selling them. I find the combinations of realtracks in the extra tracks to be very useful in my song-writing. They are generally more “modern” than the normal styles. I would think that you have to already have all the underlying realtracks to get full benefit (for example if you have purchased the “everything” or “ultra” pak)

I think which version you get depends on how flexible you want to be and who much you write. I write so much i am finding the basic a bit limiting so am upgrading to Ultra ( not knocking basic it was a fantastic start) Then slowly add extras i suspect. I am sure there are lots of tricks i still dont know. There is a forum, help group for BIAB somewhere?

@coolparadiso yes there is a wonderfully supportive community at
There is also a forum where you can showcase your original music that uses band in a box. I am posting one or two of my 50 90 songs there and getting useful feedback.

Thanks folks, I bought the basic 2018 version, so I',m still considering my options. Songwriting is a hobby, not a vocation for me, and being Scottish I think VERY carefully before I spend money. Smile

I checked on the BiaB help line, @joanneCooper is right, the Megapak will not work with my basic version. Sad

I just have the basic version. It does limit you with what styles you can do. I'm having lots of fun with it right now anyway, because the included styles are things I don't normally write, like this jazzy lounge number that I just figured out how to add sax too. Cool!

Here's another EDM song with use of BIAB for the acoustic Guitar and Bass tracks. I also used drum loops from Loopcloud and a bunch of VST synths to fill it out.

Just got BIAB last week before I went on vacation. This song is a skirmish I did in Delaware at FAWMstock. Gotta say, the band is rocking. This is my first BIAB submission.

Just caught up on my listening. Good job everyone. Keep up the good work.

Just finished up this new song using the new BIAB Xtra Styles PAK 5 that I bought last night. Can't wait to work more with all of the styles in there.

Here's another one using one of the new realtrack styles.

Here is my latest collab using Band in a Box. Hope you enjoy.

My second completion with BIAB. I'm having fun with it, but can't figure how to add a vocal track. It says I can do that (I have 2018 edition.)
Follow My True Heart Where It Leads

Hi mark. I assume you want to add more vocal tracks (like harmonies)? If you have the windows version you can Just open the song in RealBand and you will be able to add as many tracks as you want. Hope this helps

a collab with [@dsweidle]'s lyrics - BIAB for the music.

Here's a new track, BIAB is laying the bass and drums more in the background: Imma Wanna