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... do you dedicate to other than writing, "learning", and playing? If you know.

-- You categorize as you like, --that may be a part of "it" for you.

Me, I'm not "satisfied" if I am not dedicating at least 50% of my time Wink ,
- Writing
- Playing
- Learning
- Demo's are part of writing for me... so "recording" to wright
Ah, yes, that's 200% or 10% each, I'm not sure yet, with the balance being "administrative" work.

Personally it bothers me, and I think negatively affects my "work product" (for music) if I get lost in organizing files, checking what was done like "did I krappe pile that one", printed out a final version of another, loosing songs in a pile (oh, hate that one), "administrative stuff" (organizing for CR reg... OMG!).

Fortunately for me, how I work, -- I do always have multiple copies of files, if not at least "one back up", -- if only, at least, to "remember" the song for review later, 20 deep in the pile, and etc. as we all deal with. So PC work is not an issue for me.

-- And, above, I quoted learning, since it is almost a secondary question, category, interest, of its own (for me) -- after decades of "learning" and changing, etc., I find if I am not seeking out totally new stuff, I feel "badly", so to speak or maybe it's "unsatisfied". Learning, --it could be anything, like a deep theory course of stuff I'll never use :), or Cello, or NAF, or like this year due to others here using Harmonica (Chip, others...) the Harmonica.

And you, --if even think about this stuff?

Playing out maybe a few hours a month. Practicing maybe 3-5 hours a week now outside of challenges, maybe 1-2 hours a week during challenges. Learning maybe a few hours per week.

I practice guitar/vocal in the couple of days leading up to performances. My other instruments I generally only practice and play within the context of songwriting.
I studied banjo and practiced a lot about 7-8 years ago.
I don't do any study related to songwriting or recording other than just doing it.
I do want to get better, but that has little to do with gaining more listeners for my music. It's mainly about self-satisfaction and keeping skills sharp as I become an old man.
My daughter is studying voice, and she is very self-motivated to practice. I think that's very cool.
I practice yoga/meditation with a fair amount of regularity and rigor. That's where my passion to learn new things is these days.

I've been learning how to mix a little better each year. But other than that, I'm at a place where I don't *need* to improve. Would I like to? Sure. Do I want to badly enough to put time and energy into it? Nope. I once was a decent guitar player back in the cover band days. Not great, mind you, but decent. I've lost what little bit of flash I ever had. Still competent, I'd like to think. But I'm what Steve Vai called the songwriting guitarist. I know enough to write songs so I'm happy.

I have (too) little time, so I end up concentrating on certain things at certain times, e.g. February is definitely songwriting time Smile . Since FAWM this year I have been practicing (i.e. learning) guitar a lot because I definitely want to get better with it, so I did not have time for songwriting this summer. I also had times when I concentrated on learning mixing and times I concentrated on learning keyboard. Guess till December I will be concentrating a bit more on production Smile for the Album Recording Challenge.

I try to concentrate on my weakest point that keeps me from getting better or gets me closer to my next thing I want to achieve. So if I ever want to perform life, I definitely need to improve my guitar and my singing at lot. Not so successful with voice training yet, but working on that.