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"So", for me, I just like writing songs and it has to be a "song" first. However, like a few old "Spirituals", of which I admire for many reasons, -- as a method were written in "code" of sorts (look into it if interested). They survive because of, well many reasons, -- "Swing Low..." many don't know is a song in code and taken as a sweet great hymn, I do.

In that light, of it being about music first and no smacking folks in the face with krappe that'll be dead 5 mins later, certainly by next year the thoughts I have, I try to "encode". I have two I'll put here since for me, historically folks ask directly, "what's this really about?".

This one, is about the "Media". Look up the definition of the word "News", -- "new information" ... really? I get allot of "new information" daily for which I have to vet and shovel through. What I come up with, the facts, used to be the definition of the "News". But I never did look it up. Anyone have a Dictionary that's a few decades old? Hahhh... and folks wonder why I make my own words up Smile well, derUgo! Wink


I'll post another, -- not so cryptic but makes me laugh authentically every time I hear it. I'll be listening to it for a long time to come Smile Well, a little later with that one, no rush, no ones here anyway now Smile

Well, there are just so many... Smile

I lived in some Appalachia area (southern app, not north app, -- there's a difference since lived in both areas) where, if we wanted our road "Paved" we were advised, "not until everyone of you is a registered Democrat". So, after years, mostly one Farmer down the road, born, raised there, actually never went more then 50 miles from his 25 acres, -- did. And so it got paved. That's not Corruption, it's Democrat-ic Smile

So, I said, now we can all vote in your Primary and ..., well, -- they didn't think that one through in a county with a population of only 15,000 people in total (the entire county). Hahhh... yeah, good times; and somethings, never do change.

I remember too, I worked for a very corrupt Dem and was considering running myself, but knew, -- while only a Dem could run, one "had" to follow the Dem-party mafia control or you'd find... well, the "order" of operation of intimidation was this (true story) as told to me, 1) find you dog, dead, 2) sugar in all your vehicles gas tanks, esp your money making farm equipment, 3) Barn set afire when away, 4) House set afire when away, and for the really stubborn, 5) a back field shallow hole, that we looked forward to every spring for where someone showed up (ah, that's just legend... Wink )

However, I did have the font end of my '65 Ford PU Truck, all loosened up with the tied rods ready to fly off. But, hey, it was an old truck, could'a been that way all along?

So, without further adue...


I just love this one and giggle like a little girl every time I listen Smile

this was, as you can imagine, begging to be written..

'nice country ya got there'


Yes, it is all very interesting, all very interesting... Smile
So, if I sing about an ill Eagle and ask for ice to help it, it's $250,000.00 fine for me. I love when city gov thinks it's a branch of the fed, or can amend the constitution, 1st Amendment no less! Wink -- it's Racist against the birds, O M G!


Ahhh, got it, quickly, nevertheless, got it musicated:

Gonna sing it in every Pub I can find in NYC, subway too! Wink