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Songwriters and Original Songs podcast is back right now! and as its at the end of 50/90 this episode is nearly all 50/90ers or at least Fawmers, Peter Arvidson is the featured artist!


available straightaway from the link , may take a few days for other services - though it is already on spotify

Thx for so many listens and so much good feedback. David Taro and Catherine Wacha coming on as guests in Episode 3 and 4.

Thanks for having me, John! That was a lot of fun!

Thx [@peter_arvidson] Was great to chat. @davidtaro on episode 3 in about 3 weeks!

Sounds interesting!

Hey @coolparadiso, is there still a slot for me to participate by chance?

Episode 2 is now out! songwriters and original songs. https://www.buzzsprout.com/1149539/9377008

I am really enjoying catching up with Season 1. It has been educational as well as entertaining to listen to people I now know, speaking about things in which I have been a small part.

Glad you enjoyed it @Mandolinda