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podcast now up. includes interview with John Staples https://www.buzzsprout.com/1149539/4483160

Great response here thx not least to hear John Staples

Another fine podcast, John! I enjoyed the interview and the selection of music. I never heard your collab with Jeff, prior to hearing the podcast. Definitely a song to be proud of. I enjoyed the whole set.

Episode 3 is going well in many places yet only a handful of people have listened in USA (down 70+ People) very strange.

I'm a Septic, and I gave it a listen. . . but I'm brand new around here and have never listened before, so you lost at least 71.

Dont forget to have a listen to episode 3 i realise 50/90 is taking a lot of time! up! episode 4 is out next wednesday

Episode 4 with lots of the usual suspects is out now and zipping around the globe. It's hit a dozen countries in a day. https://www.buzzsprout.com/1149539/4666112

Episode 5 is now up. Full of 50/90 ers this time. Still looking for more songs!


Getting some very good feedback on all you 50/90 songmakers on episode 5 - great to hear Maddie who is having a 50/90 break this year!

@coolparadiso They are good podcasts to listen to. Thanks for doing them.

Share them around @Roddy need to get more listeners. Thx for being part of episode 5.