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Hi everyone, a couple of weeks ago i started a podcast called Songwriters and Original Songs. Its available on most platforms now. A fair few 50/90 people have already given me songs to play. I would love some more especially as they appear here, but older ones are cool as well. I also have featured artists and other segments. If you want to be involved in any way you can drop me a note here, but if possible a note to [email protected] . Im trying to get as wide a range of songs as possible. This is a link to the first episode. https://www.buzzsprout.com/1149539/4098116 Second episode out on 25th June.

Thx for reading this, looking forward to writing songs this 50/90.

Hi episode 2 is out now 3 50/90 people on it @tjeff @musicsongwriter [@ chip-withrow] @owl https://www.buzzsprout.com/1149539/4293533

@coolparadiso I just started listening - thanks for sharing!

Great Idea... I've heard the 1st podcast, works out good I'll check out #2 also.

Enjoying these a lot so far!

Hey, you've already forgotten that there were FOUR 5090ers on the show?! @owl kicked the thing off with her excellent Supper Club song

yeah i was having trouble with my tagging 3 + Jeff i couldn't get tags to work on owl or Chip

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@coolparadiso You can just write the username inside the brackets with space. Observe! @Chip Withrow Biggrin

Enjoying your podcast, @coolparadiso

still getting heaps of downloads although few from the USA - tx for so much support from everyone. hoping people are going to give me lots more songs from this 50/90. Thx to The Pannacotta Army and Crisp who have now given me one of a last years fav Grace in a laundromat!

Just finished the first episode. Subscribed @coolparadiso

Really enjoyed the format and selection of tunes, your flume-esque contribution really caught me off guard. Was wild. About to start ep2 and looking forward to more of these episodes as 50/90 unfolds this year. Keep it up Biggrin

Subscribed! I'm gonna listen during my walks. Listening/commenting on songs during 50/90 is always one of the hardest things for me to sit down and enjoy, so looking for any/all ways to do better!

Just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed the first two episodes! Keep up the good work!

thank you @rorowe and @cleanshoes hey clean shoes we did a collaboration once which you sang beautifully do you still have it! I am thinking of doing 1 collaboration show. hopefully we might get another one this 50/90

Just listened to your first. I'm way behind. Cool idea and thank you. I'll try to steal more listening time!

@coolparadiso, I do! It's not a quality recording--some odd blips and a kitchen timer make an appearance, as I recall--but if you'd like a copy of it I can email it along!

yup i still recall it - please email me a copy - thx @cleanshoes

There is now an FB page for the podcast for general info and links to artists if they wish. https://www.facebook.com/Songwriters-Original-Songs-113882753714483/

Great stuff, John! I just finished listening to both episodes, can't wait to hear your interview with John Staples.

Just a heads up for any people who were not around early, my podcasts are now out every two weeks. I am looking from some more 50/90 songs this year (i get originals from many other sources as well) I also do interviews and get segments on songwriting. If you want any songs used or want to be involved in any way please let me know. preferably at [email protected] I do introduce each artist and i have a FB page to link all their music up if listeners want to hear more. FB page is https://www.facebook.com/Songwriters-Original-Songs-113882753714483/ links to episodes 1 and 2 are as follows https://www.buzzsprout.com/1149539/4098116 and https://www.buzzsprout.com/1149539/4293533 episode 3 is out next wednesday and guest is John Staples talking about his music.

Cool. I've done a few shows for some internet radio. Songcatcher was the last one. You're doing well ..I'm listening to the first. You seem at ease, doing the show. I like the varied approach...mixing it up ...or doing a theme with a pile of different songs and styles. Cool, coolparadiso… mctown. David Graham

New episode is now out - includes interview with John Staples https://www.buzzsprout.com/1149539/4483160

Hi all episode 4 out now. 50/90 people this episode include TC Elliott, Alex Klages & Chandra, Splittybooms. Peter Arvidson and Jason Challis. Very interesting interview with a fine songwriter and performer called Dan Raza.



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I'll check out episode 4 after work today, John.

That was a nice variety of music @coolparadiso and I really enjoyed the music and interview with Dan. Keep up the good work, John!

I sure wish my recordings had the level of quality I just heard on your podcast! My setup is so rinky-dink and the only instrument I have is my acoustic guitar.

Many of the usual 50/90 suspects in this episode still looking for more songs and people to do segment on their fav songwriter/s https://www.buzzsprout.com/1149539/4855664

thanks again @coolparadiso for putting these things together!