Playlist: Music from 30 years ago; Top 200 albums of 1988

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Time for another one of these! This time, it's the 80s. Ooooh! So, as I explained, I wanted to listen some more of music I've never heard before so I decided to pick a year and go crazy. Then I thought maybe some other music lovers here would like to join in.

So, this is 1988. A lot more familiar to me than the 1978 one. And many of these I've heard during the year anyway (I listen to a lot of old stuff). I fell in love with Amy Grant's album and Kim Wilde was also really surprisingly fun.

Blow Up Your Video was really underwhelming album by AC/DC and same can be said about Suffer by Bad Religion. The debut of Danzig however... amazing!

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is absolutely top 5 of Iron Maiden albums. Simply magnificent. Iron Maiden is to this day one of my favorite bands and this album helped to get it there. The Evil That Men Do is a fantastic track, as is Infinite Dreams. Listen please!

* These are mostly the first 200 listed in
* No live albums or tracks.
* No bonus tracks that often plague the special editions of albums that are this old.
* There are also a few surprise entries thrown in.


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A lot of albums that were important for me, some of them discovered a little later
Pixies - Surfer Rosa, Thomas Dolby - Aliens Ate My Buick, The Waterboys - Fisherman's Blues, Michelle Shocked - Short Sharp Shocked, Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime, Prince - Lovesexy, etc.

But one that still fascinates:
Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden

I deleted a VERY long comment because I basically went through that wiki list and wrote something about ever album I recognized lol
But yeah, this is the music of my childhood, but honestly they were more appreciated later in life.
I was only 6 in 88' and was sneaking in my uncle's room listening to his rap and funk tapes he used to keep in a huge toolbox. Or I was trying to figure out how to work this huge hi-fi system of my grandmother's as I was listening to my granddad's blues records. Other stuff was heard on the radio as I was riding in the backseat of whatever car I was in. I didn't have a personal stereo until 89'.
But I must say He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince was THE album of that year for me as a kid. I literally wore my tape out. I would listen to it for hours over and over.
Man...the memories..

Checking my library it seems like I have more live and compilation LP's than studio albums from 1988. However it was a very good year in that I met my wife and my life was very much in transition for the better. Here are songs I like enough to play that were original in 1988:
Leonard Cohen (from I'm Your Man) - Everybody Knows, Ain't No Cure For Love, I'm Your Man, Tower of Song
U2 (new studio songs from Rattle 'n' Hum) - Van Dieman's Land, All I Want Is You
The Waterboys (from Fisherman's Blues) - Fisherman's Blues, When Ye Go Away, A Bang On The Ear